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Increase in jobs in hospitality industry

Image Credit: Jay Wennington on Unsplash

A significant increase in hospitality jobs available on Supp

Supp, a technology platform that notifies hospitality workers of nearby available jobs and allows under-employed workers to find work quickly, reports seeing a 20-fold increase in hospitality openings since October last year. 

Major growth

Founded in 2016, the platform has experienced an enormous 500 per cent growth since the start of 2020. Over 15,000 people in the hospitality industry use Supp to find work in the 1,500 businesses that use the platform. One reason for the spike in the last eight months has been that many companies have been short of labour since Australia closed its international borders.

Keeping up with the economy

Now that the economy is improving, cafes, restaurants, and bars that reduced their workforce during COVID-19 are short-staff and struggling to keep up. These businesses are relying on Supp to find people to help keep them running. 

“Supp plays a critical role in ensuring the industry can access the staff they desperately need to bounce back to pre-COVID levels,” says CEO of Supp, Jordan Murray.

“Through Supp, casual workers who were first to lose their jobs at the height of the pandemic can easily return to the workforce by knowing when and where the jobs are, how much they pay, and what the venue is like to work for (evidenced by ratings left by other workers).” 

A fast solution

Potential sudden lockdowns are another challenge for businesses trying to predict their staffing requirements. Supp has played an essential role in companies’ ability to find workers quickly when the need is high. 

Mr. Murray says, “Hospitality has gone through a conceptual leap over the last year, with businesses forced to adapt to a new way of staffing and look for creative ways to remain operational. Supp is one of the new ways venues and workers future proof themselves against unexpected shocks.”

Supp differs from similar platforms because it also handles payments and administration. The system means venues can find the workers who meet their needs in real-time. The platform implements safe-to-use procedures to ensure workers’ details are best protected.

The platform works by posting all job details, including the location, pay rates, and the required hours. Eligible workers receive a match if they suit the requirements. Workers get their payment within two days of completing the job. 

Potential for more work

Workers who lost jobs during the pandemic can receive regular work through Supp. While the jobs may be a one-off, it allows workers to show their skills, increasing the likelihood of more work.

Further growth

Supp plans to grow further, help more under-employed Australian workers find jobs, and enhance its features by aiming to raise $1 million. 

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