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V Club owner brings Crunch to Australia

V Club owner Selena Short will open her first Crunch gym in Chatswood in September, bringing the fitness club that started in New York USA 21 years ago to Australia.

Crunch GymCrunch, a medium sized fitness chain with just over 20 sites across the USA proposed to local Sydney entrepreneur Selena Short a proven business model that offered something different from her already successful V Club fitness club in the Sydney CBD.

The Crunch fitness model is based on offering entertaining and interesting work outs for members and all within a no judgment environment.  They have fused Group Fitness and Personal Training to give members a variety of classes.  The three key class types are Action Sports, Chill Outs and Dance Rhythms.

Crunch’s unique approach to fitness is also found in their approach to memberships.  Their structure is No Contracts, No Joining Fee and No Admin Fee.  this differs from many existing clubs which focus on locking customers into contracts and is a much safer bet from a cash flow perspective.

Crunch has also taken to Facebook for the launch, offering potential members the opportunity to sign up online via their Facebook fan page.

Crunch’s online membership sales tool is powered by their direct debit provider, Ezypay’s Direct Debit Gateway (DDG) system.  Moving quickly Ezypay set the direct debit gateway system up for Crunch in under a week.  It works by integrating into Crunch’s website and via what is called an “iFramed application” in Facebook.

“We’re thrilled to be able to support such an innovative and exciting new gym in Australia.  Not only can we help them with collecting reoccurring member payments, we can also make it easy for them to sign up members with our online membership sign up tool – the Direct Debit Gateway.” says Celeste Kirby-Brown, Sales & Marketing Director at Ezypay.

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