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Credit: Chris Ried

Tech Tuesday: Close the skills gap with these no-code solutions

Welcome to Tech Tuesdays!

This column is dedicated to showcasing businesses and products that have made significant contributions to the tech industry and are pushing the boundaries of technology to shape the future.

With technology becoming an increasingly integral part of our lives and businesses across all industries going digital, there is a growing need for IT skills.

The goal is to bridge the talent gap and allow people from lower socio-economic backgrounds who may not have higher education to compete.

This week, we’re focusing on low-code solutions that can be game-changers for developers and organisations. These solutions can help reduce the time and effort spent on manual coding processes, allowing developers to focus on solving business challenges and providing faster solutions.

Whether you’re a developer looking for ways to streamline your workflow, or an organisation seeking to improve efficiency, low-code solutions may be the answer you’re looking for. 

So, let’s dive in!


Pendula is an Australian scale-up organisation that has built the world’s first proactive retention platform. Businesses from across industries, including telecommunications, finance, education, health and energy, rely on Pendula to drive strategies to upsell and cross-sell to their client bases.

Pendula empowers marketing and sales teams to create better automated workflows and conversations that increase lifetime value and engage customers at the ‘moments of truth’.

Pendula’s no-code platform design allows modular flexibility for any workflow or use case while still being simple and intuitive enough for a non-technical user to build conversational journeys. 

Customers on the platform have been able to ideate a journey in the morning as a team and test campaigns to customers by the afternoon. The latest version of Pendula, launched this month, includes a ‘Power Up’ enhancement that enriches customer data with existing platforms like CoreLogic and Weather apps.

More here.

Studio, UiPath 

Studio by UiPath is a new no-code/low-code automation development tool that lets non-technical workers build their automation through a simple drag-and-drop interface. It provides user-friendly templates, documentation, and access to a free UiPath Academy course for additional support. 

It suits business users who want to get started with secure, low-risk automation. Automation can also be shared with colleagues and other business users to extend the benefits to other business units. 

Additionally, Studio lets IT teams access process automation created by business users and adapt them for distribution to the entire workforce, with all automation under one centralised governance model. 

The studio is particularly beneficial for organisations that have multiple business units but small budgets for large-scale digital transformation, such as the public sector, retail, manufacturing and the finance industry. 

More here.

SAS Australia & NZ

SAS Viya, a cloud-native AI, analytic and data management platform, addresses these needs and more by supporting the full analytics life cycle from prototyping to deployment, enabling your team of analysts, citizen data scientists, and data scientists to convert data into insights. 

SAS Viya brings the best of what is required by expert coding users and expands these same capabilities to lower the barrier to entry for less technical employees. This low-code solution supports the ongoing democratisation of data to revolutionise how data is used to drive decisions. 

More here.

Mendix Studio

Mendix Studio is a collaborative, web-based application development platform.  It allows for application development to become accessible for a wide range of makers using a visual drag-and-drop approach. With Mendix Studio, both non-technical and professional developers can use the no-code capabilities of one platform. 

Using Mendix Studio, business domain experts and non-technical developers can develop application user interfaces while visually modelling an application’s interactions and flow control. They can also leverage an enterprise design language to create engaging apps, and foster greater collaboration and alignment with stakeholders in business and IT.

Mendix Studio widens the pool of developers and speeds up development by providing an abstraction layer on top of traditional coding languages. Mendix is the only platform providing both no-code and low-code enabling collaboration and communication across the enterprise.

More here.


The current business landscape is unpredictable, putting pressure on budgets and resources — and, ultimately, on employees. SnapLogic’s latest innovation, Iris AI, uses artificial intelligence to automate highly repetitive, low-level development tasks, eliminating the data and application integration backlog that stifles most technology initiatives. 

The result is a revolutionary technology that applies machine learning (ML) to enterprise integration – dramatically changing the economics of cloud, analytics, and digital transformation initiatives. Iris AI makes integration powerful and simple. 

Iris is the industry’s first software to apply artificial intelligence for enterprise integration, using advanced algorithms to learn from millions of metadata elements and billions of data flow via the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform. It then applies that learning to improve the speed and quality of integrations across data, applications, and business processes.

More here.


Only available through Acoustic Marketing Cloud, Multichannel Composer enables businesses across industries to close the digital experience gap by empowering marketers to craft hyper-personalized messages across email, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, and more – all without coding or developer support.   

Marketing teams today are challenged with tight resources, market uncertainty, and ever-evolving consumer expectations. To help marketers become more agile and efficient, Multichannel Composer offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that enables marketing teams – no matter their size, technical acumen, or industry – to craft beautifully designed, high-quality messages that are tailored to an individual’s preferences and touchpoints they’ve had with the brand. 

Rather than being constrained by a traditional, siloed approach to marketing communications, businesses can deliver seamless experiences across digital touchpoints with a solution that facilitates consistent branding and hyper-personalized, multichannel messaging.   

Multichannel Composer is now available on the Acoustic Marketing Cloud. 

For more information, visit https://acoustic.com/products/multichannel-composer.  


The monday.com Work OS is a no-code/low-code platform that enables teams to build efficient workflows without having any developer knowledge. The platform is built for a new way of working and intuitively connects teams, bridges silos, and maintains one source of truth across an organisation.

With customisable templates, automation and third-party platform integrations, monday.com’s Work OS makes deadlines easy to manage, project progress simple to track, and powers seamless team communication. Automation can help boost productivity by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks and freeing up employees’ time for impactful work. 

Learn more about monday.com here: https://monday.com/

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