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Reimagining workplace learning with Monica Watt, CHRO at ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll

The newest podcast episode on Dynamic Business interviews Monica Watt, Chief Human Resource Officer at ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll, where she shares her knowledge and expertise in navigating the new workplace learning, which has been heavily influenced by the COVID-19 impacts.

Huge transformation is happening in the way we work. Due to COVID impacts, leaders and managers are having to rethink their stance on investing in their teams and their learning and development strategies. They’ll also be thinking on how they can protect and retain staff, what hiring may look like in future, as well as many other considerations relating to both the economic and health impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

With that in mind, we wanted to address some of the questions leaders will be having in these areas, with the help of Monica Watt, who is the Chief Human Resources Officer at ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll. ELMO is a suite of HR, payroll and rostering & attendance solutions that can be used together or stand-alone, to support your organisation’s processes and workflows. Monica brings fantastic knowledge and opinion not just on digital/distance learning, but also on employee wellbeing, performance and engagement – all relating to the new and largely remote working situation we find ourselves in.

Business leaders need to be bold in protecting and investing in their people during these uncertain times. Everyone must adapt to learning a whole new range of skills in order to survive this crisis period. Now is after all a great time and opportunity for learning, with many shared free resources available and geographical location less of a concern.

Organisations have been and still are relying heavily on Human Resources (HR) to pioneer the road to stability and sustainability for their workforce. Monica talks us through her views on how leaders can come through this crisis positively, drawing on her own experience and insights from ELMO.

Podcast episode

Listen in to the podcast below, or tune in on Spotify or Apple podcasts.

Free eBook

There is a free eBook available that is linked with this podcast episode, which is mentioned at the end of the Q&A with Monica. It is designed to summarise the discussion and provide further value to leaders.

Drawing on Monica’s HR expertise, the eBook goes into further detail on:

  • Developing the right leadership skills during COVID-19 disruption
  • L&D success online
  • Measuring performance, engagement and productivity
  • Protecting employee wellbeing
  • Getting support

The eBook is filled to the brim with advice, knowledge and valuable resources for business leaders, giving you the support you need right now.

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