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James Chin Moody

James Chin Moody, founder and CEO of Sendle

Partnering with eBay means Sendle is a ‘very legitimate’ Australia Post competitor, says CEO

Sydney-based Parcel delivery startup Sendle has partnered with Ebay Australia to provide the ecommerce heavyweight’s 40,000 small to medium sellers with convenient, cost-effective logistics solutions. 

According to James Chin Moody, co-founder and CEO of Sendle, sellers that integrate their eBay accounts directly with Sendle gain free access to Sendle Premium and are able to instantly create shipping labels and receive access to low, flat rate pricing throughout Australia, with door-to-door service inclusive of free pickup.

Moody told Dynamic Business that partnering with the leading ecommerce marketplace helps position Sendle, which launched in 2014, as “a very legitimate competitor” to Australia Post in the small business and small seller space.

“The partnership with eBay means we can offer our services to a part of the market that, I believe, has had very little choice in the past,” he explained. “The three core elements of ecommerce are browsing, buying and shipping. eBay has made it really easy to browse and buy but shipping has been a pain point for the small end of town. Sellers are having to line up at the post office with parcels and contend with complicated rates and uncertain levels of service. We’re taking away these pain points with door-to-door delivery and rates that are cheaper than having to line up at the post office. So, it’s not just about saving money, it’s about saving time – this is a non-renewable, ever-more-valuable resource, particularly if you’re trying to build a small business or make some money by selling online.”

Moody said that what has held Sendle in ‘good stead’ has been an adherence to its original philosophy that “it’s far better to give a 100% for a particular part of the market – for us, that’s small businesses – than trying to be 80% good for everyone.” Relevantly, he said it has been important for Sendle to partner with high-profile companies in the ecommerce space where their purposes are aligned. In addition to eBay, Sendle has also partnered with Neto, Shopify, Etsy, Hard to Find and Carousell within the last year.

“We’re realising the world of ecommerce is about a stack or a group of services that you need,” he said. “For us, it’s been all about identifying those folk in the market with whom we have a common, customer-driven purpose and, hopefully, bringing simple, reliable and affordable logistics to the table in a rapidly growing industry. The small business side of ecommerce is growing at around 20% per annum and we want to provide solutions that will help it grow further.”

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