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A cheeky new underwear range is asking Aussies to give ‘Peas a chance’ – so is to say, to consider swapping meat for a veggie substitute.

The campaign is a partnership between Fry’s Food Group, Animals Australia and Thundies, in support of Fry’s new “cruelty-free” food range. Proceeds from the sale of the underwear will go toward Animals Australia’s initiative of stopping factory farming.

Tammy Fry Kelly, Marketing Director from Fry’s Family Foods said the purpose is to get people thinking about their food choices.

“It’s an issue which [is] close to our hearts as we have been creating cruelty-free food options around the world for over 20 years,” Fry Kelly said. “We know that there is a myth to bust about Aussies not being able to reduce their meat consumption and consider alternative food choices.”

“You don’t have to be a vegetarian or a vegan to eat and enjoy a meat substitute. We know monitoring meat consumption is a dietary topic that is high on the agenda of many Australians looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Sophie Bidwill from Thundies is also calling on Australians to consider their impact. “People have a responsibility, that if there is a better lifestyle choice available to them, they should make that choice or at the very least give it a chance.”

The collaboration between Fry’s, Thundies and Animals Australia was born out of a new collaborative community launching soon, The Bsides.

More to come on the Bsides soon at Dynamic Business.