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It’s been four years since the phrase ‘carbon tax’ first became a core part of the Australian political lexicon. Despite the new Government’s plan to scrap the tax, it seems the debate is far from over.

Some 60,000 people across the country took part in the National Day of Climate Action rallies at the weekend, protesting against the Coalition Government’s plans to repeal the carbon tax.

The event, organised by groups including the Australian Conservation Foundation, GetUp!, and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, saw action in each capital city and various regional centres.

However business groups have also united in support of the Government’s introduction of legislation to repeal the tax, tabled in parliament last Wednesday.

In a group statement released by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), the Business Council of Australia (BCA), and Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) said that the tax has “been a headache that has reduced profitability and, like it does for consumers, makes balancing the books each month much harder” for small business.

“Industry should be allowed to turn the corner on the new year with uncertainty about the carbon tax resolved, so business can refocus on jobs and competitiveness from day one of the new year,” the statement read.

The groups stated that removing the carbon tax is the first step to “building the confidence and the certainty that industry needs to keep Australian strong, competitive, and resilient.”

However, they have called on the Government to create a policy to reduce emissions “at lowest cost to the economy and in a way which does not adversely impact on industry competitiveness.”

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