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Zendy: Empowering knowledge access with Ai research tools

Zendy is a powerful business tool designed to empower knowledge and streamline the research process for business managers. By simply entering keywords, titles, authors, or publication titles, users can search through a vast database of open access and paywalled academic literature across all disciplines. With AI-powered tools and an intuitive interface, Zendy helps users save valuable time during literature reviews.

One of the standout features of Zendy is ZAIA, an AI Assistant for research that allows users to have interactive conversations to expand their knowledge. Additionally, Zendy offers AI Summarization, which enables users to generate concise summaries of lengthy papers on demand. Key phrase highlighting within articles helps users identify and focus on key research concepts, while the ability to organize reading lists ensures easy access to important research papers.

What sets Zendy apart is its commitment to inclusivity, affordability, and accessibility in the world of research. By fostering collaboration between publishers and research communities on a global scale, Zendy aims to break down barriers to access and ensure that scholarly literature is available to all individuals seeking knowledge, regardless of their background. With an affordable access subscription model, users can enjoy unlimited access to academic research from leading publishers for less than the cost of a single research paper per month.

In alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Zendy is dedicated to making information and knowledge more accessible to a broader audience while supporting quality education and reducing inequalities. Through responsible AI usage and a commitment to ethical practices, Zendy is shaping the future of research consumption and discovery for researchers, students, and lifelong learners worldwide.

Zendy – Features

  • Search for academic literature by keyword, title, author, publication title, ISSN, ISBN, and DOI
  • Explore open access and paywalled content across all disciplines
  • AI-powered tools to save time during literature review
  • Chat with AI Assistant ZAIA for expanding knowledge
  • AI Summarisation to generate summaries of lengthy papers
  • Key phrase highlighting to highlight key concepts in articles
  • Organize reading lists for easy access to research papers
  • Browse top open access journals on one platform

Zendy – Pricing

Zendy offers two pricing plans: Zendy Open, which is free and includes access to 37M+ Open Access articles, and Zendy Plus, which costs $35/month and includes access to premium articles from top publishers. Discounts available for groups and sponsored individuals.

Visit zendy.io for more.

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