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WP-Stack: Streamline WordPress site management with ease

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WP-Stack is a powerful business tool that allows users to effortlessly manage multiple WordPress websites from a single, intuitive dashboard. With features such as one-click updates, technical SEO audits, enhanced security measures, and reliable backups, WP-Stack saves users thousands of hours and dollars every month.

Key benefits of using WP-Stack include preventing attacks with automated backups and daily malware scans, saving time with bulk updates and one-click login for all sites, impressing clients with performance reports, delegating tasks and managing team projects without sharing passwords, and tracking uptime, domain, and SSL expiry status with real-time alerts. Additionally, users can get client feedback through a secure dashboard access and reports.

WP-Stack offers a variety of tools and features, such as a content manager, site audit, domain monitor, backup and malware scan capabilities, activity logs, social media management tools, performance monitoring features, auto-link tool, code inserter, smart user management options, and smart updates for WordPress themes, plugins, and apps.

The tool also provides a flexible and transparent pricing model, allowing users to pay only for what they use and cancel anytime without lock-in contracts. Users have praised WP-Stack for its unbeatable features, ease of use, and smooth experience. WP-Stack is ideal for freelancers, agency owners, and administrators looking to grow their WordPress agency securely and efficiently. With features like client reports, white-label tools, free support from WordPress experts, and actionable traffic insights, WP-Stack helps users level up their client care and offer valuable services to their clients.

WP-Stack – Features

  • Effortlessly manage multiple WordPress websites with one-click updates, SEO audits, security, and backups from one dashboard
  • Prevent attacks with automated backups, login history, and daily malware scans
  • Save time with bulk updates and one-click login for all sites
  • Impress clients with performance reports and collaborate with team members without sharing passwords
  • Track uptime, domain, and SSL expiry status with real-time alerts
  • Publish content to multiple sites with Content Manager tool
  • Social media management, performance monitor, and auto-link tool for SEO optimization
  • Grow your WordPress agency with client reports, white label tool, free support from WP experts, and actionable traffic insights

WP-Stack – Pricing

WP-Stack offers pricing plans based on the number of sites managed. Prices are:

  • Team: $6.93/month/site for 5+ sites
  • Startup: $6.93/month/site for 1-5 sites
  • Business: 30% off for 6-10 sites
  • Company: 40% off for 11-25 sites
  • Corporate: 50% off for 26+ sites, with no credit card required, cancel anytime.

Visit wpstack.co for more.

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