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Wordtune: Your ultimate AI writing assistant

Wordtune is an innovative business tool that can help individuals reach their professional potential by streamlining their writing tasks using Generative AI technology. By choosing Wordtune, users can improve their writing efficiency and quality, allowing them to focus on unleashing their thoughts without worrying about grammar or spelling mistakes.

Wordtune Rewrite feature enables users to perfect their writing from a single word to an entire page, providing AI recommendations to help them write like the professionals they are. This not only enhances productivity but also allows for personalization with statistical facts or even humor, giving full control of the content creation process.

The AI Writing Assistant feature offers suggestions to write faster while maintaining a unique style, helping users create quality content with just a press of a button. From emails to LinkedIn posts and creative headlines, Wordtune provides templates personalized for various types of writing tasks, making it easier to streamline work processes.

Additionally, the Summarizer tool allows users to cut reading and watching time in half by summarizing YouTube videos, blog articles, PDFs, and more. This feature helps save time while ensuring users stay informed and knowledgeable.

With AI Answers, Wordtune enables users to create a personalized knowledge base in their own library, allowing them to find answers quickly and efficiently with AI Q&A and semantic search functionalities. This tool provides full control over information, documents, and more, ensuring users have access to trusted sources for accurate information.

Moreover, Wordtune is accessible across desktop and mobile devices, as well as various apps, making it a versatile tool that can be used anywhere. With enterprise-level security measures in place, Wordtune prioritizes privacy and data security, ensuring the protection of user data and compliance with regulations. Wordtune’s commitment to reliability and security makes it a trusted tool for enhancing productivity and efficiency in professional writing tasks.

Wordtune – Features

  • Wordtune Rewrite: Perfect your writing from a single word to an entire page
  • AI Writing Assistant: Write faster with AI suggestions while maintaining your unique style
  • Create with AI: Streamline work with personalized templates and create quality content
  • Summarizer: Cut reading and watching time in half by summarizing videos, articles, and more
  • AI Answers: Create a personalized knowledge base and find answers using trusted sources
  • Available on desktop, mobile, and favorite apps for work flexibility
  • Generative AI with fact-checking from at least 5 sources
  • Enterprise-level security and privacy measures for data protection

Wordtune – Pricing

Wordtune offers monthly plans starting at $9.99 with 10 rewrites a day and increases to $14.99 for unlimited rewrites and spices, AI prompts, summaries, text corrections and recommendations. A business plan is available for teams with additional features.

Visit wordtune.com for more.

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