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Webcat: AI-powered low-code development

Webcat is a cutting-edge business tool that aims to unlock your team’s potential and accelerate the process of building dashboards by utilizing artificial intelligence. By allowing you to focus on your product and be more creative, Webcat takes care of tedious tasks like devops, deployment, scalability, and updates, freeing up your time to innovate and deliver great solutions for your customers.

With Webcat, you can bridge the technical divide using a streamlined workflow with low-code interfaces. This enables designers to make design updates directly and empowers marketing teams to update content themselves, allowing you to concentrate on building things without getting bogged down by technical details.

This tool encourages the use of code and open source resources, providing an exceptional user experience for coders and access to the vast open source ecosystem of NPM. With Webcat, you can build large and maintainable systems that are highly scalable and easily manageable in the long term.

Webcat offers a range of modules within its Low-Code Cloud platform, including Canvas for building responsive, pixel-perfect apps, Database for real-time data management, Users for secure authentication and authorization flows, Functions for serverless event-driven functions, E-commerce for flexible e-commerce solutions, Files for powerful storage capabilities, and AI Copilot for automating processes and reducing development time.

The tool also emphasizes integrations to streamline workflow and save time, along with its fully reactive approach that simplifies architecture and leads to fewer bugs and faster creation. Furthermore, Webcat’s flexibility allows for pixel-perfect and responsive designs, custom code implementation, and event-based logics for functions. It operates on a serverless model, making pricing estimation simpler and peak handling efficient, ensuring you only pay for what you use without wasting resources.

In conclusion, Webcat provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and build complex and scalable systems with ease. By leveraging the power of AI, low-code interfaces, and open source technologies, Webcat empowers teams to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Webcat – Features

  • AI-powered dashboard building
  • Automation of devops, deployment, and updates
  • Low-code interface for design and content updates
  • Access to NPM and open source ecosystem
  • Scalable and maintainable system architecture
  • Modules for prototyping, deployment, and customization
  • Integrated AI copilot for content creation and management
  • Streamlined workflow with seamless integrations

Webcat – Pricing

Webcat offers a free usage plan with additional charges as your project scales. Pricing includes extra fees for bandwidth, MAUs, canvases, connected domains, website visits, database writes and reads, storage downloads, AI Copilot suggestions, brain execution time and invocations, functions, logging, and CRON functions.

Visit webcat.app for more.

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