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SteloAi: Transforming document processing

SteloAi is an AI-based Intelligent Document Processing tool that offers off-the-shelf and bespoke document verification solutions for business managers. With a focus on fighting fraud, optimizing operations, and delivering unique user experiences, SteloAi is designed to streamline processes and provide key data extraction services.

Some of the key documents that SteloAi can help verify and extract data from include proof of income, bank statements, proof of address, payroll information, tax returns, mortgage documents, and more. By utilizing AI technology, SteloAi can help detect document forgeries, stop fraudsters, and ultimately cut associated costs for businesses.

One of the core benefits of using SteloAi is the ability to fight fraud, streamline operational processes, and deliver unique user experiences. By offering intuitive and friendly interfaces across all channels, SteloAi aims to convert more good customers for businesses in various verticals including lending, insurance, financial institutions, sharing economy, fintech, and renting.

Overall, SteloAi is a valuable tool for business managers looking to enhance their document verification processes, improve operational efficiency, and provide a seamless user experience for their customers. With its AI-powered capabilities, SteloAi is positioned to help businesses combat fraud, streamline operations, and ultimately drive growth in their respective industries.

SteloAi – Features

  • Off-the-shelf and bespoke document verification solutions
  • Proof of income verification
  • AI-powered data extraction and document verification
  • Fight fraud and detect document forgeries
  • Optimise operational processes
  • Deliver unique user experiences
  • Verticals in lending, insurance, financial institutions, sharing economy, fintech, and renting
  • Intuitive and friendly interfaces across all channels

SteloAi – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

Visit stelo.ai for more.

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