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Sharetribe: Launch your marketplace with no code

Sharetribe is a powerful marketplace software designed for founders looking to launch their own marketplace without the need for coding. With Sharetribe, founders can easily create and customize their marketplace to fit any unique concept – whether it be a rental, service, product, or other type of marketplace.

One of the key features of Sharetribe is its no-code marketplace builder, which allows users to quickly launch their marketplace with essential features like profiles, listings, payments, monetization, admin tools, infrastructure, and security. This means that founders can start their marketplace at 90% done and then customize it further to match their vision.

For founders looking to take their marketplace to the next level, Sharetribe also offers a developer platform that allows for more customization with code. This includes the ability to design unique discovery and matching experiences, create ideal transaction flows, and integrate third-party services or custom backends.

Additionally, Sharetribe provides hosted cloud infrastructure, ensuring that a platform is ready to scale when necessary. With world-class marketplace management tools, founders can easily monitor and manage activity on their marketplace, as well as use data to make informed decisions on how to grow their business.

Sharetribe has already helped thousands of founders, like Ana, launch successful marketplaces across a variety of industries. Whether it’s a platform for equipment rentals, vehicle rentals, or B2B and B2C rentals, Sharetribe provides the tools and support needed to bring these marketplace ideas to life. With Sharetribe, founders can scale their marketplace to any size and create a sustainable and thriving online platform.

Sharetribe – Features

  • Build any kind of marketplace
  • Rental, service, and product marketplaces
  • Launch quickly with a no-code marketplace builder
  • Essential marketplace features available out of the box
  • Content management and layout customization
  • Pre-built integrations and customizable data schema
  • Flexible transaction engine and custom integrations
  • Hosted cloud infrastructure and management tools

Sharetribe – Pricing

$29 per month for Build which includes no-code builder and developer platform; $99 per month for Lite with live marketplace and domain; $199 per month for Pro with custom domain and integrations; $299 per month for Extend with code customization and API access.

Visit sharetribe.com for more.

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