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MistralAI: Frontier AI for devs and businesses

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MistralAI offers open and portable generative AI models for developers and businesses, providing a range of possibilities for various use cases. Their open source models, including Mistral 7B and Mixtral 8x7B, are available under the Apache 2.0 license, enabling users to download and customize them for deployment in their own environments or access them through MistralAI’s platform, La Plateforme.

In addition to the open models, MistralAI also offers optimized commercial models, Mistral Small and Mistral Large, which promise higher performance, efficiency, and additional capabilities for businesses. These models can be accessed on La Plateforme, through cloud partners such as Azure, AWS, and Snowflake, or deployed in users’ own infrastructures with transparent access to model weights.

MistralAI prides itself on its commitment to openness, portability, value, speed, and customization. They lead the market in open source generative technologies, offering trust and transparency while fostering decentralized technology development. Their technology is available through serverless APIs, public cloud services, or for VPC/on-premise deployment, ensuring customers’ independence from cloud providers.

With independently validated top-tier reasoning in multiple languages, MistralAI’s flagship model, Mistral Large, offers unmatched value and latency at competitive price points. Users have the freedom to fine-tune and modify the models according to their business needs, creating differentiated AI applications. Trusted by AI-first startups and established corporations, MistralAI’s models are leveraged by numerous businesses seeking cutting-edge AI technology for their projects.

MistralAI – Features

  • Open source models available (Mistral 7B, Mixtral 8x7B, Mixtral 8x22B)
  • Optimized commercial models for higher performance (Mistral Small, Mistral Large)
  • Accessible on La Plateforme and through cloud partners (Azure, AWS, Snowflake)
  • Leading the market in open source generative technologies for transparency
  • Portable technology available through serverless APIs, public cloud services, and VPC/on-premise deployment
  • Flagship model, Mistral Large, offers top-tier reasoning in multiple languages
  • Models can be fine-tuned and customized for business applications

MistralAI – Pricing

Available upon request, free trial.

Visit mistral.ai for more.

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