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Jotform Tables: Transform your data and boost team collaboration

Jotform Tables is a versatile business tool that allows users to collect, organize, and manage data in one convenient workspace. With a range of features such as tables, cards, reports, calendars, uploads, and online forms, Jotform Tables provides endless possibilities for data management and collaboration.

One of the key features of Jotform Tables is the ability to process online form responses. Users can create custom online forms to collect responses, and the submission data will automatically populate the tables in Jotform Tables. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and streamlines the data collection process.

In addition to processing online form responses, Jotform Tables also allows users to import existing data from CSV or Excel files. This means that users can easily work with their current data within the Jotform Tables workspace.

For those who prefer to enter data manually, Jotform Tables offers the option to add new entries by hand. This allows users to update the tables in real time as new data becomes available.

Jotform Tables also offers various advanced features to enhance data management and collaboration. Users can sync responses from connected forms, search and filter their data, add formulas and calculations, request and share submission edits, send data to other platforms, automatically create PDFs, and collaborate with teammates.

Collaboration is made easy with Jotform Tables. Users can share their tables with teammates, colleagues, and clients, and customize access settings to control who can view or edit the workspace. Entries can also be assigned to specific teammates, allowing for easy tracking of progress.

Getting started with Jotform Tables is simple. Users can create an online form using the Form Builder and share it with others via link, social media, or embedding on a website. Submissions from the online form will automatically appear in the Jotform Tables database.

To make data organization even easier, Jotform Tables offers a variety of ready-made column types to choose from. Users can select the column type that best suits their needs, without the need for any coding.

With Jotform Tables, users can turbocharge their workflow by completing tasks such as sending data to other parties or software, creating PDFs, sending emails, and more, all within the Jotform Tables workspace.

Jotform Tables – Features

  • Advanced data management tools
  • Personalized column organization
  • Integration with other platforms and workflows
  • Formulas for quick calculations
  • Auto-generated charts for data analysis
  • Seamless collaboration and communication
  • Real-time entry assignment and tracking
  • Robust filtering and organization capabilities

Jotform Tables – Pricing

Jotform Tables offers a range of pricing plans. The Starter plan is free but has limitations. The Bronze plan costs $34/month and has more features. The Silver plan costs $39/month and is the best value. The Gold plan costs $99/month and includes HIPAA compliance. The Enterprise plan is customizable and offers unlimited features. Contact sales for more information.

Visit jotform.com for more.

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