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Elicit: Unleash your research potential with superhuman speed

Elicit is a powerful business tool designed to help researchers analyze research papers at an incredibly rapid pace. By automating time-consuming research tasks such as summarizing papers, extracting data, and synthesizing findings, Elicit aims to streamline the research process and increase efficiency.

With a database of over 200 million research papers, users can ask a research question and receive a list of relevant papers in response. Elicit provides users with one-sentence abstract summaries, allowing them to quickly identify and select papers of interest. Users can then extract details from these papers into an organized table, making it easier to find themes and concepts across all the papers.

One of the key features of Elicit is its ability to reduce hallucination and increase accuracy when extracting data from research papers. By training their models on specific tasks, fine-tuning them on a per-task basis, and constantly iterating to improve accuracy, Elicit aims to provide users with reliable and trustworthy information. Additionally, Elicit only shows papers that exist in the scientific literature, making it easier for users to double-check answers and verify the information.

Researchers can benefit from using Elicit in a variety of ways, such as speeding up the literature review process, finding papers that may not be available elsewhere, automating systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and learning about new domains. Elicit is particularly effective for empirical domains that involve experiments and concrete results, such as biomedicine and machine learning.

Over 800,000 researchers have already tried Elicit and have found it to be a valuable tool for enhancing their research process. By utilizing Elicit, researchers can save time, increase accuracy, and discover valuable insights from the vast array of research papers available.

Elicit – Features

  • Analyze research papers at superhuman speed
  • Search for research papers
  • Get one sentence abstract summaries
  • Extract details from papers into an organized table
  • Find themes and concepts across all the papers
  • Upload your own PDFs
  • Interface for asking a question
  • Speed up literature review

Elicit – Pricing

Elicit offers a free Basic plan with limited credits. The Plus plan is $10/month or $120/year with more credits and features. Custom pricing is available for Enterprise and Institutions, with unlimited credits and additional functionalities for teams of 50+ people.

Visit elicit.com for more.

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