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DronaHQ: Build custom apps faster with low code

DronaHQ is a low code app development platform that allows engineering and business teams to build custom software 10X faster. With enterprise-grade security and governance, DronaHQ offers a comprehensive app development platform that is loved by developers.

The platform features a drag-drop UI builder with over 150 UI components such as input controls, buttons, charts, and native controls. Users can customize properties, themes, and set rules and validations for their apps. DronaHQ also allows for easy integrations with various data sources including databases, SaaS tools, and GraphQL/REST APIs.

Users can add frontend logic with actions, event listeners, and both on-page and server-side actions to build interactive experiences. Customizing the UI is made easy with the ability to write JavaScript anywhere, import JS libraries, and extend UI components.

DronaHQ ensures security with granular permissions, single sign-on (SSO), audit logs, and in the enterprise plans, custom SSO. Users can publish their apps on both web and mobile platforms, manage updates, and invite collaborators with device resolution in mind. Additionally, the platform offers 24/7 engineering support with detailed documentation, tutorials, and live engineering support.

The platform is versatile and can be used for various use cases such as building dynamic forms, AI-enabled apps, customer support portals, sales dashboards, and admin tools. Companies can also create admin panels for managing sales and inventory, interactive dashboards for data-driven actions, forms that can be public links or embeddable on websites, and AI-enabled apps for faster business processes.

Overall, DronaHQ provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for businesses looking to build custom software without the need for extensive coding knowledge. Its drag-drop interface, integrations, customization options, and security features make it a valuable tool for accelerating app development processes.

DronaHQ – Features

  • Low code app development platform
  • Drag drop UI builder with 150+ UI components
  • Integrate any data source easily
  • Add frontend logic with actions
  • Customise UI with JavaScript
  • Debug & Git-sync features
  • Secure with granular permissions and audit logs
  • Publish & share apps on web & mobile with device resolution

DronaHQ – Pricing

DronaHQ offers three pricing plans: Starter at $10 per user per month, Business at $25 per user per month, and Enterprise with flexible pricing. Each plan includes additional features and services tailored to the respective needs of individual developers, scaleups, and large businesses.

Visit dronahq.com for more.

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