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Draftbit: Create your app 10x faster with ease

Draftbit is a powerful business tool that allows users to create native mobile apps, responsive web apps, and internal tools quickly and collaboratively. The tool is designed to help users build apps 10x faster while also providing them with full control over the source code, ensuring that they are never locked in.

With Draftbit, users can design, build, test, and publish their apps all from one place, making the app development process seamless and efficient. Unlike other platforms that limit users to templates, Draftbit allows users to build anything they can imagine, giving them the freedom to create custom apps tailored to their specific needs.

The tool offers a simple interface that makes it easy for users to bring their screens to life using Bits, Blocks, and Examples to help them move quickly. Users can customize every detail of their app with advanced properties, themes, and custom code, ensuring that their app reflects their unique vision.

Additionally, Draftbit allows users to preview their app as they go on their device or on the web, making it easy to see how the app will look and function in real-time. Users can also connect their app by adding actions, interactions, navigation, and live data to create a dynamic user experience.

When it comes time to deploy their app, Draftbit offers seamless options for testing the app, deploying a PWA in under 60 seconds, and submitting the app for release in app stores with the help of their team of app store veterans. Users can also add team members to collaborate and share feedback, publish multiple versions to share externally, and run user tests to continuously improve their app.

Overall, Draftbit is a versatile and user-friendly tool that empowers users to explore and grow their products with ease. Whether users are building a simple internal tool or a complex mobile app, Draftbit provides the flexibility and support needed to bring their ideas to life.

Draftbit – Features

  • Visual building with live source code
  • Create custom components with Bits and Blocks
  • Design system customization with Themes and Fonts
  • Connect to APIs and external data sources
  • Instant screen code generation and full source code download
  • Preview and deploy builds quickly
  • Collaborate with team members and freelancers
  • Publish to app stores with custom binaries and enterprise distribution

Draftbit – Pricing

Draftbit offers a range of pricing plans starting from free for basic features, with options for individuals, teams, freelancers, agencies, and enterprise-level users. There are also expert pricing plans for those who need dedicated assistance in building and designing their app.

Visit draftbit.com for more.

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