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Degreed: Unlocking the power of skills for success

Degreed is a business tool that aims to revolutionize learning and talent in today’s AI-driven economy. They believe that skills, rather than degrees, are the new currency, and they lead individuals and companies towards a skills-first future.

The tool focuses on three key aspects: end-to-end learning, targeted skill-building, and real-time skills data. By utilizing their learning experience platform (LXP), Degreed has sparked a corporate-learning revolution that prioritizes the individual employee.

Degreed aims to build a better ecosystem for skill-based learning by empowering users with a range of content, through their Enable Now content providers and a growing set of APIs. They also provide dedicated experts to ensure that all the necessary content, apps, and data are easily connected to create a seamless learning experience.

Real-time data and insights on business-critical skills are one of the key features of Degreed. They aim to provide a holistic and up-to-date view of individuals’ skills, helping organizations identify areas where growth and improvement are needed.

The tool takes data security seriously, offering enterprise-grade security, reliability, and compliance programs to keep users’ data safe. This allows organizations to focus on the essential task at hand, which is building and developing skills.

Degreed positions itself as the skills-powered learning partner for individuals and organizations. Their comprehensive and differentiated skills data enables smarter decisions and future planning. The tool aims to create a flexible and open-learning ecosystem, where premium, self-generated, and open-source content can be deployed simultaneously in one unified experience.

What sets Degreed apart is their integration of skills insights with every type of people development experience. They believe that everyone should have accessible ways to showcase their lifelong learning journeys, and they are committed to providing a platform that can accommodate all types of learning experiences.

Degreed – Features

  • Open integration with various technologies, services, and platforms
  • Diverse incorporation of multiple tools and methods for equal learning opportunities
  • Flexible customization to adapt to evolving business demands
  • Interconnected data flow for efficient operation and informed decision-making
  • Skill measurement and real-time visualization of strengths and gaps
  • Actionable insights for team leaders to make smarter decisions
  • Tracking and analysis of skill supply and demand within the organization
  • AI-powered automation to align development with career goals and priorities

Degreed – Pricing

Available upon request – Free demo!

Visit degreed.com for more.

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