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Data Fetcher is a powerful business tool that allows users to easily import data from various applications and APIs into Airtable. With no coding required, users can connect Airtable to their desired application or API and import data within seconds. The tool offers easy-to-use integrations, making it effortless to import marketing metrics from platforms such as Google Analytics, Search Console, YouTube, and Facebook.

In addition to importing data, Data Fetcher also provides the capability to create screenshots of URLs and convert them into attachment image files in Airtable. This feature is perfect for visualizing website snapshots and organizing them efficiently.

Furthermore, the tool enables users to import real-time financial data, including current and historical stock prices, exchange rates, and Stripe metrics. By connecting to Google Maps, users can also utilize Data Fetcher to calculate distances, times, and latitude/longitude data.

One of the key features of Data Fetcher is its ability to connect Airtable to any REST or GraphQL API, as well as JSON, CSV, or XML files. With this functionality, users can run custom API requests directly within Airtable and reference table data in their requests. For example, users can utilize a table of stock or crypto tickers to fetch current prices.

Data Fetcher offers seamless pagination, automatically creating the paginated URL or body based on the user’s preferences. Additionally, the tool allows users to send POST requests with various request body formats, such as JSON, XML, GraphQL, x-www-form-urlencoded, and form-data.

Managing data within Airtable is made easier with Data Fetcher. Users can import requests from cURL commands or previously exported requests, eliminating the need to change tabs or write scripts. The tool also allows users to schedule runs, ensuring their base is always up to date, and create sequences of multiple requests that run sequentially.

Collaboration is simplified with Data Fetcher, as users can add team members to their workspace, granting them the ability to run requests and import/export data. The tool also enhances Airtable security by protecting API keys and encrypting sensitive details such as URLs, headers, API keys, and access tokens stored on their servers.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Data Fetcher is an essential tool for businesses looking to streamline their data import processes and enhance their Airtable experience.

Data Fetcher – Features

  • Import API Data in Airtable
  • Easy-to-use integrations
  • Import marketing metrics from various platforms
  • Create screenshots of URLs and attach them in Airtable
  • Import real-time financial data
  • Lookup location data using Google Maps integration
  • Run custom API requests in Airtable
  • Schedule runs and keep your data up to date automatically

Data Fetcher – Pricing

Data Fetcher offers several pricing plans:

  • Free: $0/month, 100 runs, 10,000 response records, 5 saved requests, 1 user.
  • Starter: $12/month, 3,000 runs, 300,000 response records, unlimited saved requests, 1 user.
  • Pro: $30/month, 10,000 runs, 1,000,000 response records, unlimited saved requests, 3 users.
  • Business: $75/month, 30,000 runs, 3,000,000 response records, unlimited saved requests, 10 users.
  • Business +: $112/month, 60,000 runs, 6,000,000 response records, unlimited saved requests, 20 users.

Visit datafetcher.com for more.

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