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DanteAI: Revolutionizing Ai chatbots for your business

DanteAI is an innovative business tool that allows you to create AI chatbots trained on your data with zero code required. These chatbots can be easily integrated into your website and favorite messaging platforms in just minutes.

One of the key features of DanteAI is the seamless transition from AI chatbot to live agent takeover, striking the perfect balance between AI efficiency and human touch. Your AI chatbot can handle routine tasks while your team steps in when it counts the most.

With DanteAI, you can create powerful AI chatbots capable of uploading files, websites, images, videos, APIs, and more. The platform also offers customizable lead generation chatbots to collect user data when required.

DanteAI is designed to be accessible and easy to use, allowing users to speak rather than type and even listen to responses in voice. The advanced insights provided by DanteAI’s analytics dashboard offer analytics, enhanced security, chat logs, and more.

Additionally, DanteAI supports multilingual capabilities, with availability in over 100+ languages. The tool is integration-friendly, connecting with over 6,000 applications via Zapier. It is also powered by the latest LLMs like Open AI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-4, GPT-4 Turbo, LLaMA 2, Falcon, Cohere, and more.

Privacy and security are paramount at DanteAI, with robust AWS encryption and privacy standards in place to protect your data. You can also white-label your chatbot with custom logos, colors, fonts, and styling to create a unique user experience. Overall, DanteAI offers a simple, powerful, and essential solution for businesses looking to elevate their customer support, lead generation, and overall efficiency through AI technology.

DanteAI – Features

  • AI Chatbots Trained On Your Data with Zero Code
  • AI Chatbot to Live Agent Takeover for efficient customer support
  • Create AI chatbots for favorite messaging platforms and websites
  • Lead generation chatbots with customizable forms
  • Accessible and easy to use with voice input and output capabilities
  • Advanced insights with analytics and enhanced security
  • White-label option for custom branding
  • Integration friendly with over 6,000 applications via Zapier

DanteAI – Pricing

DanteAI offers four pricing plans: Free ($0/month), Entry ($9/month), Premium ($99/month), Professional ($199/month), and Business ($399/month). Each plan includes various features such as message credits, chatbots, custom domains, live agent takeover, integrations, and more. Additional add-ons are available for extra charges.

Visit dante-ai.com for more.

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