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Botonomous is an innovative AI-powered platform that enables businesses to automate their workflows seamlessly. With the integration of AI, humans, and apps, Botonomous offers a comprehensive solution to streamline processes and increase efficiency.

One of the key features of Botonomous is its advanced automation capabilities. The AI-powered composer allows users to create automations for any domain, making it easy to build complex, non-linear flows without the need for coding. Users can also benefit from the AI Copilot, which assists in the development of automations based on their descriptions.

Botonomous also offers TypeSafe Flows, allowing users to check for potential errors in their workflows before running them, as well as Concurrent Flows, which enables multiple nodes to run simultaneously without waiting for the completion of the previous step.

In addition to its automation features, Botonomous provides tools for designing human interactions within workflows. Users can build pages for humans to participate in automations, facilitating input acquisition, approvals, reviews, and more. The platform also allows for secure secret management, ensuring that sensitive information such as API keys and access tokens are safely stored.

Furthermore, Botonomous offers webhooks for triggering flows from external apps, schedule triggers for running flows at specific times, and a vibrant developer community for sharing and creating innovative flows.

Overall, Botonomous presents a powerful solution for end-to-end automation, combining advanced AI technology with user-friendly design to create a versatile platform that caters to a wide range of business needs. Experience the convenience of automated workflows at your fingertips with Botonomous.

Botonomous – Features

  • AI Powered Platform
  • Build advanced automations
  • AI Copilot
  • TypeSafe Flows
  • Concurrent Flows
  • Advanced Composer
  • Design human interactions
  • Approvals, Reviews and Inputs

Botonomous – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

Visit botonomous.ai for more.

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