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Adept is a cutting-edge business tool that introduces a new way of utilizing computers through machine learning technology. Their vision revolves around providing an AI teammate for everyone, aiming to transform goals into actionable steps within the software individuals use daily. The core of Adept’s model, ACT-1, is designed to seamlessly interact with various software tools, APIs, and websites based on natural language commands. By incorporating ACT-1, Adept enables users to perform tasks like converting sales opportunities, updating financial data, setting reminders, and even conducting property searches with ease.

Adept emphasizes collaboration and user empowerment, believing that AI systems should work alongside individuals, rather than replace them. By placing users at the center, Adept ensures that people remain in control while leveraging AI to discover innovative solutions, make informed decisions, and streamline workflows. With Adept, users have the freedom to dictate how they interact with technology, allowing for personalized and efficient outcomes.

Overall, Adept revolutionizes computer usage by offering a comprehensive and intuitive AI tool that transforms the way individuals work and interact with software. By combining machine learning capabilities with user-centric design, Adept enables users to enhance productivity, make data-driven decisions, and focus on tasks that matter most. With Adept’s innovative approach to AI integration, users can experience a transformative shift in their daily workflow and efficiency.

Adept – Features

  • Machine learning model that interacts with everything on your computer
  • Converts goals into actions on familiar software
  • Takes natural language commands
  • Works with Salesforce, Google Sheets, Redfin, and Craigslist
  • Set reminders and create new opportunities
  • Collaboration and creation with users in control
  • AI systems built with users at the center

Adept – Pricing

Available upon request.

Visit adept.ai for more.

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