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Acrolinx: Elevating your content with enterprise editorial management

Acrolinx is an enterprise editorial management system that aims to significantly increase editorial efficiency by up to 90%. This powerful tool ensures that content is aligned with style and compliance guidelines, regardless of who creates it or where it originates. With live editorial assistance, automated content governance, detailed analytics, and a generative AI infrastructure anchored in Azure AI, Acrolinx offers scale, future-readiness, and security.

One of the key features of Acrolinx is its ability to digitize complex style guides, providing easy access to enterprise writing guidance for writers and editors. Through secure generative AI, intelligent corrective suggestions improve clarity and compliance, ultimately boosting editorial efficiency by over 50% while allowing users to work within their preferred tools.

Acrolinx offers extensive editorial coverage by automatically scoring content against enterprise style guides in repositories, workflows, file systems, and websites. This ensures that content remains on-brand and compliant throughout the entire production process.

Furthermore, Acrolinx provides comprehensive capabilities to analyze, report, and curate content based on quality and performance. By visualizing content quality and curating collections of the best content, users can scale their efforts to tune private LLMs for knowledge and style.

Acrolinx also prioritizes security and privacy by being built on Azure AI’s infrastructure, offering the highest level of enterprise security measures from Microsoft. With a focus on confidentiality and non-sharing of data with other models, Acrolinx ensures that customers can integrate with other approved LLMs and are not locked into a proprietary system.

Overall, Acrolinx is a versatile and powerful tool that streamlines the editorial process, enhances content quality, and provides valuable insights and analytics to help businesses create engaging and compliant content.

Acrolinx – Features

  • Increase editorial efficiency by up to 90%
  • Editorial management for the entire enterprise
  • Enterprise guidance with generative AI
  • Digitize complex style guides
  • Configuration for unlimited target audiences
  • Complete editorial coverage across all content
  • Analyze, report, and curate content based on quality and performance
  • Built on Azure AI infrastructure for highest security and privacy

Acrolinx – Pricing

Available upon request, free trial.

Visit acrolinx.com for more.

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