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Becoming an effective leader will help you enjoy work

Becoming a more effective leader is the key to freeing yourself from the nitty gritty – and enjoying your work more.

For many business owners and managers, there is so much coming at them each day that it’s difficult to do more than simply react to it. “We’ve found that by helping owners and managers of businesses to develop stronger leadership skills, they’re able to empower their staff to take on more responsibility,” said Andrew Mackenzie, CEO of business coaching specialists, Shirlaws. “This frees them up to think and act much more strategically and to climb back into the driver’s seat of their business.”

Mackenzie is presenting on the topic of leadership development at Shirlaws’ upcoming conference at Noosa in May. As part of it, participants will have the opportunity to analyse their individual leadership style and identify their strengths and any blind spots.

“The conventional view is that leaders are born, not made,” said Mackenzie. “In contrast, our experience shows us that whilst some characteristics are common to all great leaders, most of these skills can easily be learned and developed.”

Mackenzie believes that those who develop the effective leadership skills reap many benefits, both personally and commercially.  “When the person at the top leads well, work is far more personally rewarding for them,” he said. “It also makes employees feel more engaged, inspired and motivated, and this helps to attract and retain a great team.

“By stepping away from the everyday detail of the business and gaining a bigger perspective, owners and managers are able to steer the business with greater clarity and precision,” said Mr Mackenzie. “It also allows them to take advantage of emerging opportunities and to avoid any costly obstacles that may be looming.”

Business owners and managers from businesses of all sizes are invited to attend the conference, themed Grow the Value of Your Business at the Sheraton Hotel, Noosa Heads on 24 and 25 May 2011. Register at www.shirlaws.com.au.

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Jen Bishop

Jen Bishop

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