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10 reasons to hire a casual workforce

In the market to hire new staff? If you’re just getting started, or you’re not sure what opportunities might come up in the future, looking to hire casual staff could save you money and time.

Seasonal Flexibility  ‑  Many businesses have increased demand at certain times of year, eg: coastal tourism and hospitality during warmer months, and the snowfields during winter. Taking on extra casual labour for these usually predictable surges in activity is a flexible option for small businesses.

Daily/Weekly Flexibility  ‑  Some industries are naturally busier at certain times of the day or week, eg: the weekday morning coffee rush, and pubs and clubs on Friday nights. Maintaining a roster of diligent casuals with flexible availability is a sound way to ensure that your staffing needs are met.

Potential Cost Savings  ‑ Casual employees are usually not paid sick leave or annual leave. This is compensated by extra pay, ie a casual loading. Depending on the period of engagement and other circumstances, paying staff a loading instead of leave could lead to significant cost savings over time.

Flexibility for Staff  ‑ Many employees simply aren’t looking for permanent full-time or even part-time work. Travel, study, family responsibilities and visa restrictions may mean that some workers are unable to commit to ongoing employment, but casual labour may suit their needs and yours.

Innovate to Thrive  ‑  Whether you’re a start-up or looking to build on existing business by exploring new projects or product lines, taking on casual staff can be the perfect solution for innovative small businesses. Ideally your innovation pays off, but if it doesn’t you can easily reduce your staff costs.

A Chance To Shine  ‑  Interviews and one-off trials are not always the best tools for deciding whether a new staff member will be suitable for a role. As well as probation periods, hiring casuals is a good way to assess a new employee’s competence, and their commitment to the job and to you.

Recruit with Speed  ‑  At some point, most businesses will go through times of unpredictable increases in activity, when additional staff may be needed quickly to cope with customers’ demands. Employing casuals at very short notice can ensure that you exceed your customers’ expectations.

Increased Diversity  ‑  Maintaining a roster with more casual employees than you could afford if they were permanent can help you build a diverse workforce with various backgrounds, experience and personalities. This could improve staff morale, cultural sensitivity and customer service standards.

Satisfy the Beancounters  ‑  Your business partners may be reluctant to commit to the time and financial costs involved with hiring permanent staff. Casual employment may be a solution to maintain good working relationships among a firm’s decision-makers, especially with tight budgets.

Law, Leave and Letting Go  – Depending on which state or territory you’re based in, some employee leave and dismissal regulations kick in at different times of employment arrangements. Employing on a casual basis and knowing exactly when those extra employee entitlements start may be the best solution for your business.

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Genevieve George

Genevieve George

Genevieve George is the Managing Director of OneShift, who came up with the concept whilst travelling around Europe, identified a gap in the market for a way of searching and recruiting for short-term work with the game-changing employment service, <a href="http://www.oneshift.com.au">OneShift</a>.

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