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Microsoft introduces Copilot Pro AI assistant to small businesses

Microsoft is enhancing accessibility to its AI assistant, Copilot, through the introduction of a $20-per-month consumer version. This version incorporates the latest ChatGPT technology and image creation tools from OpenAI, with a primary objective of expanding the user base, particularly among smaller businesses.

Moreover, Copilot for Microsoft 365 is now accessible to small businesses subscribed to Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Business Standard, allowing customers to obtain between one and 299 seats at a rate of $30 per person per month.

For consumers utilizing Office’s cloud services, Copilot is now available to assist in tasks such as answering queries, summarizing data, and content generation in Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. A notable enhancement is the removal of the previous 300-seat purchase minimum for commercial plans, making Copilot accessible to Office 365 E3 and E5 customers without requiring a Microsoft 365 license. This strategic move aims to provide a more inclusive and flexible experience for a broader range of users.

Copilot Pro introduces several new features for users:

  1. Copilot Pro offers a consistent AI experience across various devices, adapting to your context on the web, PC, and soon, on mobile phones. This ensures that the AI can provide relevant assistance when needed.
  2. Users with Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions can now access Copilot in essential Microsoft applications, including Word, Excel[i], PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. This expanded accessibility covers PCs, Macs, and iPads.
  3. Copilot Pro users get priority access to the latest AI models, starting with OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo. This ensures smoother performance, even during peak usage times. Additionally, users will soon have the option to switch between models for a more customized experience.
  4. Copilot Pro enhances the AI image creation process with Image Creator from Designer (formerly Bing Image Creator). This feature provides faster processing, allowing users up to 100 boosts per day. It also ensures more detailed image quality and supports landscape image format.
  5. The upcoming Copilot GPT Builder feature enables users to build their own customized Copilot tailored to specific topics. This customization process involves responding to a set of prompts, providing users with a more personalized Copilot experience based on their preferences.

In early 2023, Microsoft introduced Copilot, an AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT, and later integrated it with Microsoft 365 productivity services. The company reported that within a year of launch, Copilot facilitated five billion chats, and users generated over five billion photos using the text-to-image feature.

As of January 2024, marking a year since its launch, Microsoft has rolled out standalone Copilot apps for Android and iOS platforms. Now, the company introduces Copilot Pro, an enhanced service with advanced AI capabilities.

Expanding Access 

While Copilot Pro delivers an optimal experience for individuals, Copilot for Microsoft 365 stands out as our premier offering for organizational use. Previously accessible to enterprises since November, Copilot for Microsoft 365 has seen significant adoption, with 40% of Fortune 100 companies participating in our Early Access Program. Since its general availability for enterprises, esteemed customers such as Visa, BP, Honda, Pfizer, and partners like Accenture, KPMG, and PwC have embraced Copilot, leading to a transformative shift in how thousands of professionals work across various industries.

Excitingly, we are thrilled to announce the broadened availability of Copilot for Microsoft 365, now accessible to organizations of all sizes without any seat minimum requirement. This expansion aligns with our commitment to democratizing AI capabilities and empowering businesses to leverage the benefits of an AI-powered copilot.

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