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For all of millennia, games have captured our attention and maintained our engagement. A whole nation stops for a horse race and some of us will spend an entire lifetime following a team just to see them win. 

More recently companies are catching on to the concept and implementing the power of gamification (the methodology of game psychology) to motivate us all. Think about completing profiles, contributing to content, promoting a lifestyle choice – the list goes on. Simply put, gamified campaigns allow companies to exponentially engage their consumers in a cluttered world.

“We have been gamifying campaigns for our clients for almost 10 years, but we are definitely seeing an increase in marketing strategy towards our product now,” says Rob Holden, Founder of the game based platform rubin8.

 “Gamification is a proven methodology that delivers up to eight times more engagement, higher brand recall and increases likelihood to purchase. It’s so powerful most users aren’t aware they are participating or for how long. Just ask someone to ‘pick a number between 1-10, or throw them a rubix cube.

“It’s not surprising marketers are thinking this way, Almost 98 per cent of consumers will skip ads if given the option. Ironically they love their favourite brands, they just hate the way they are advertised to.” 

When the Vatican and United Nations wanted to promote sport as a force for good, and promote its six core values, it enlisted the help of Rob Holden’s Australian technology company rubin8, appropriately known as  ‘Engagement Experts’, to add to its unique campaign: Humanity Sports Club. 

Humanity Sports Club is an online hub with games powered by rubin8’s proprietary game based platform. Users can select simple ‘‘anyone can play” games. As the user progresses through levels they accumulate points. Questions are inserted at the perfect time to garner insights. Subliminal messages and or branding are placed in the game, which promotes learning through time sensitive exposure.

The results speak for themselves. Humanity Sports Club has delivered over 13 minutes engagement per user, unprecedented insights into behaviour and extremely high brand recall of the Vatican’s core values.

It’s not just the UN and Vatican that are leveraging rubin8’s gamified marketing solutions, most of our favourite brands are moving some of their marketing dollars to integrate gamified campaigns. Objectives like customer acquisition, loyalty and retail redemption are all standard solutions from game based platforms. 

“Our clients know that users that earn something through a campaign deliver greater conversion and yield. An online fishing game that allows users to catch vouchers, or win products can send almost 75% of them back into store to make a purchase”.

The rubin8 platform games are designed to be re-skinned as needed to meet brand guidelines and are flexible based on required user behaviour. At the core of a game is an algorithm that pushes the rules of engagement but the end results can look and feel different and can deliver any number of actions. 

A gamified campaign is much more than a game and is a unique and proven way to cut through the clutter and deliver industry-leading results.  

Rubin8 is an Australian tech company that utilizes its proprietary platform to gamify Marketing objectives. They deliver industry leading results for Australia’s biggest and smallest companies.

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