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Don’t be afraid to ask for business advice

Don’t be afraid to ask for business adviceKnowing when to call out for help is difficult for many business owners. When you finally make that call, don’t ever view it as a sign of failure.

All too often, businesses full of potential fail because of this mindset, or the misguided notion that good advice will be too expensive.

On the flip side, many of the businesses who have proactively sought the advice of older, more seasoned heads, have gone on to become notable success stories. I doubt there is a single business owner out there who would not attribute at least one mentor, consultant or former boss, as a pivotal element in their current success.

I know this because I speak from first-hand experience.  Without naming names, I have had the pleasure of being provided with the professional input of several highly accomplished businesspeople in recent years.  Each in their own way helped a busy executive see the proverbial wood from the trees.

With their input I have been able to remain focused and objective, whilst undertaking the duty of navigating my business through the minefield that is the current recession.  Perhaps most importantly, though their support and critical inspection, I have been able to maintain my sanity.

I have accepted that I don’t have all the answers to challenges presented by the current economic climate.  I believe only businesses that work to a well considered business plan and implement robust procedures, will come out of the recession healthy and ready to capitalise on the upturn.  I’m now hungry for advice and only happy to share my own with the likeminded.

My organisation is in the business of enhancing the sales prospecting activities of others. In turn, we are equally happy to learn from those around us with expertise in other business disciplines.

True, some of the advice we receive may conflict, some might even be poor, but trust me it’ll get you thinking in a way that you may never have before, and that certainly cannot hurt.

The group of people that offer me advice enable me to identify areas for improvement which I may otherwise be blind to.  They identify simple tweaks I can make to deliver improved efficiencies and enhance my sales results.  Most of all, over time they have questioned every component of my business plan and strategy.  Without breaking the bank, they have contributed hugely to the ongoing health of my business.

I now recognise that I am not superhuman, do not have a monopoly on the answers and eagerly seek counsel and input from a range of experts.  I urge you to do the same.

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