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Businesses should already be planning Christmas campaigns: Pinterest data

Christmas is months away and probably not at the top of many business owners’ lists at the moment, however Carin Lee-Skelton, ANZ Country Manager for Pinterest, says that brands who are not already thinking about Christmas will fall behind. 

Searches for Christmas related topics have hugely increased and people seem to be more impatient than ever for the joyful holiday season to commence.

Historically, Pinterest users start their Christmas planning around September.

However, already by April this year, Christmas related searches were 158% higher than they were in 2019.

That includes a 156% increase in searches for “Christmas aesthetic”, 45% increases for ‘DIY Christmas gift”, and 32% increases for “Christmas craft.”

Consumers are also reported to be enjoying their ‘Christmas in July’ as searches for Christmas films are already spiking.

Like other things, this change in Christmas trend is also affected by the current pandemic of COVID-19 and numerous stay-at-home orders across the globe. Lockdown has seemingly made people look forward to the festive season more.

What are consumers saying and what does this mean for businesses?

‘2020 has been a hard year, and consumers are craving the comfort of the festive season. They want this season to feel more festive than ever before, and they’re asking for brands to help them get there,’ the report stated. 

 “I think it’s those little moments, even when the world seems so strange and foreign, that you can still create a place of intimacy, of safety and enjoyment,” said one of the Pinners (the name for Pinterest’ users).

“Like video calling back home to see how my family’s done up the place. Or a virtual opening of the presents.”

Aside from escaping the stress of covid-19, many consumers are also worried that they couldn’t celebrate Christmas with their family properly.

This concern pushed them to start their Christmas preparation more early to compensate for the lack of festivity that might happen during this year’s holiday season. 

“I just want to make sure I can get the ingredients to make food I like so that Christmas will feel ‘normal’,” said a female Pinners.

“So that I can send that food to my other daughter as well. I try to bring us together with things that are familiar and traditional for us.”

Ms Lee-Skelton said, “People have always come to Pinterest to plan and we usually see an increase of searches around two to three months in advance of a seasonal moment. What’s interesting this year is that Pinterest users are thinking about Christmas earlier than usual.

“Despite these uncertain times, people are feeling optimistic and we’re seeing people planning for celebrations earlier than ever. This is a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to reach inspired shoppers earlier this year.”

Ms Lee-Skelton says it’s not surprising that 40% will be celebrating ‘on a budget’ this year. As a result, businesses will need to “consider inspiring ways they can meet their customers where they are economically this year.”

“In our current environment, we can expect special offers such as early bird discounts, rewards or extras such as free shipping to go a long way in encouraging sales. Although it looks like many Australians will be spending more cautiously this year, it’s really promising to see that so many people are already planning ahead and factoring Christmas celebrations into their budgets.”

The Pinterest report makes suggestions on how different businesses and industries can adapt to the current and very early Christmas trend – 

Financial services 

As Pinners look for ways to celebrate the Christmas holidays with decorations and festive attire, remember that staying on budget is front of mind. Meet them where they are with discounts well ahead of shopping events such as Black Friday, or highlight credit card offers and reward points.


Shoppers are stressed that they won’t be able to window-shop in the same way for their loved ones this year. They want that same spark of inspiration, but they’re stuck with whatever they can find online. Businesses need to be able to help them recreate the browsing experience in places where they already go for unbranded discovery.


Many consumers use their front doors to express creativity and festive cheer during a festive season. They’re also thinking about how their front door can represent their values to visitors, from social issues to religious beliefs. A decor business can help them think outside the box with door decor that reflects who they are. 


Some people are already planning ways to make their Christmas parties unique, including what to serve. Inspire those who need an extra helping hand with easy festive party food ideas they can order for delivery or catering.


With many working from home this year, casual attire has become the norm. But our data tells us that people are looking forward to getting dressed up this festive season. Help their wardrobes sparkle by sharing outfits in fun fabrics and festive styles. And don’t forget the bold earrings even virtual Christmas party looks need a statement accessory.

What should businesses do?

Ms Lee-Skelton suggested that brands should start their Christmas campaign early to reach more consumers. This is because consumers are more likely to buy goods from brands that reach out to them first. 

Ms Lee shares three tips on how to make a great Christmas campaign that is suitable during this pandemic.

Start now

Seasonal searches are already on the rise, and consumers are concerned with logistics, delivery speeds and customer support and as a result, are starting earlier with their online shopping.

Inspired commerce 

Connect with consumers earlier in the online shopping journey with vivid product imagery to replicate the in-store experience

Make your message loud and clear

Proactively message how your brand is addressing pandemic related concerns such as hygiene, supply chain issues and customer support.

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