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Master many disciplines for a top-notch event

To ensure your business successfully organises an event, there needs to be thorough planning and management of a diverse range of disciplines. As the organiser, you will need to utilise skills from sales and marketing for your advertising. You will also need to be across project and financial management, logistics, and health and safety. Preparing for the unexpected is also critical. 

Whether you’re making your way in the event management industry or have taken on the event planning in the business, there are some key areas you will need to master if you are to become a seasoned pro.

Budget and plan

Before anything is organised, a budget must be set. Research every item on your list. Once you have found approximate average costs of each item you will be able to decide what you would feel comfortable spending. Once you have that number place it into your estimated cost.

When creating a budget you need to include everything and anything where money could be spent. Every detail needs to be line-itemed in your event budget. It’s better to over-budget slightly than under budget otherwise you could end up with a horrible surprise at the end of your event.

Location and permits

It is important to analyse the nature and need of your event. Research and find a location that can accommodate your audience capacity and needs. It is important to consider factors such as public transport access, whether the event is going to be held indoors or outdoors and the amount of hours/days you need the venue for (including set-up time and take-down time).

Attendee and worker safety

The safety of your workers and attendees should be your highest priority. Temporary fencing creates a confined area that will reduce any unwanted visitors and reduce the risk of theft. Crowd control barriers are also a good option for creating lines and ensuring order.


The key to the success of any event is promotion. When you get attention for your event, you’ll improve the turnout of attendees. Advertising can be done in vast range of ways. Firstly you will need branded ticketing, flyers, posters and other printed advertisements. Writing media releases and having the opportunity to advertise your event on radio or TV will also increase your turnout.

Advertising does not end there, ensure that your event is branded. Have branded guide maps, banner mesh around your fencing, branded cutlery and mounted flags.  You can even brand your staff uniforms ensuring that you reinforce the brand in order to raise awareness for future events.


Tickets should be organised in the development stage of the event, getting your tickets out to the public as early as possible will give you a better turnout rate as potential attendees have had a chance to be exposed to your event advertisements.

Food and beverages

It is guaranteed that all attendees will be exposed to the food and beverages that will be served at your event. Companies are using food and beverages to increase company branding through branded food packaging – but have you considered how you can use the choice of food being served to customise your brand and show a lot of thought went into planning your event?

When an attendee has hot chips they think fun, music festival but when an attendee is having caviar and crackers they think high-class sophistication. Choosing the right caterer for your event can make the world of difference.

Entertainment and equipment

Again entertainment is dependent on the type of event you wish to be holding. You would not organise a rock-band for a wedding and you would definitely not have a classical band for a rock concert. Ensure that the entertainment you are providing for your attendees is relevant – take it one step further and ensure that all technical equipment is tested days in advance.

Staff and security rosters

Organise your staff and security roster at least one month in advance, it is impossible to control everything but having a backup list of potential staff members is also a good idea.

It is important to brief your staff expectations as they are representing your company and therefore playing a part in customising your brand awareness. You cannot compare the behaviour expected from staff at a wedding reception to the staff at a rock-concert.

Public toilets

There is nothing worse than an event without toilets – it’s almost unheard of. Portable toilets are available for hire and can be found at reasonable prices.

Parking facilities

Speak to the local council of where your event is going to be held, it is very important to have enough parking for your attendees. Barricades such as temporary fencing and crowd control barriers can help you organise specific areas for parking.

To be a more efficient event manager and organise your event remember these tips. The rest is up to you, enjoy your event.

About the author

Madina Azamy writes for The Temporary Fencing Shop, specialists in temporary fencing products and crowd control barriers.

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