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Improving the quality of your workplace

The Great Places to Work Institute has just released its list of the top 10 places of employment in Australia. Organisations who made the top 10 were committed to improving workplace quality. One such company was Melbourne-based IT services company OBS. OBS is dedicated to maintaining it’s exceptional standards and it’s stance as an employer of choice. So what have they done right and how you can you implement these practises in your business?

1. Set a good first impression – the first impression of a business is often the most important. Ensuring new staff feel welcome is a great way to establish a repore with them. Providing them with a detailed induction will ensure they are up to speed with the company policies and procedures.

2. Performance recognition – mismanagement is often one of the biggest downfalls of a company. Setting performance indicators and rewarding staff for achieving these indicators will allow them to feel valued and appreciated and will lead them to be more productive.

3.  Feedback and communication – it is important to provide feedback to staff on their performance, and encourage a two-way communication process. Creating an open-door policy will allow staff to feel they are contributing to the long term goals of the business and will lead to continual improvement.

4. Work/life balance – promoting a healthy/work life balance to your staff can increase productivity and increase the overall moral of the workplace. It is important for staff to feel they are not stressed and overworked.

5. Incentives – incentives can go a long way in maintaining high staff morale. For example, why not have a company breakfast once a week with a platter of fresh fruit, juices and croissants to perk everyone up for the busy day of work ahead.

Jessica Stanic

Jessica Stanic

Jessica has a background in both marketing and journalism and is dedicated to making the website the leading online resource for small to medium businesses with ambitions to grow.

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