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Tourism Australia develop employer toolkit for work/life balance

As part of the ‘No Leave, No Life’ program encouraging Aussie workers to use up their accrued leave on a local Aussie holiday (read full story here), Tourism Australia have developed an Employer Toolkit, giving employers advice and information on how they can help their staff find a balance between work and life.

The Employer Toolkit is a three-step training module available to download, which takes employers through analysing and addressing any work/leave issues, then building a successful strategy to encourage employees to take leave when they need it.

The three-step training module involves: analysing the issue, addressing the issue and undertaking a program. It helps employers to understand the issues and risks presented by accumulated annual leave, and how to reduce it.

The toolkit can be used by all employers, including private or public organisations, human resources/employee relations managers, workplace relations and business advisers, and small and medium business owners or operators.

For more information, please visit the ‘No Leave, No Life’ website.

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