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TiVo comes to Australia

Finally, after being available in the US for almost a decade, TiVo is coming to Australia and will go on sale on July 29.

Interestingly, the television networks, which worked bitterly hard to keep Personal Video Recorders (PVR) off the shelves (due to their ability to skip advertisements), are now the ones releasing the products. TiVo is being released by the Seven Network, and not far behind, Foxtel is releasing the iQ2 PVR.

But despite their submission, neither network is allowing the ad-skipping function available in the US. However, you can still fast forward ads, as you would with a VCR.

TiVo will be available from $699, and Foxtel’s iQ2 is $10 a month with a $200 installation fee.

What do you think?

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