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Survey shows jump in new leads for business

Research conducted by IRD Group has revealed that over 6,800 new sales leads were created in the first quarter of 2009, creating up to 68,000 new business opportunities.

Matt Skinner, Managing Director of IRD Group said the results show that there are still a number of great opportunities out there for business in the current climate.

“The one thing most businesses want at the moment is fresh leads for a full pipeline. They do exist and they’re hidden in information available to us every single day across a wide range of sources. Opportunities that are hidden under reports of mergers and acquisitions, new executive appointments, Australian debuts, expansions, sustainability plans and more.”

Skinner believes the lead opportunities could call for up to 10 different kinds of business requirements, meaning 68,000 opportunities for companies to pitch for business or make new contacts for business in the future.

He said sales leaders should be asking themselves, what percentage of these leads have been chased, and how?

“Companies need to be clear on who they can go after and what they can offer with absolute confidence.  In a tight climate, prospects will only put their money behind a sure bet”, Skinner said.

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