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Image Credit: Lidya Nada

New iAccelerate program champions social impact

The University of Wollongong’s start-up support program, called iAccelerate, is doing something cool.

They’re creating a special program to help people who want to start businesses that make a positive difference in society. This program is all about including different types of people, like women and those from different backgrounds, who might not always get a chance in the business world.

A person named Kylie Flament, who knows a lot about social businesses, is helping out with this program. The government of New South Wales is also giving money to support this program.

The program will teach these special entrepreneurs important skills. They’ll visit successful businesses that focus on helping society. They’ll also get advice from experienced people who have done similar things. Plus, they’ll make friends and connections with other business-minded folks.

This program isn’t just for a short time. It’s like a runway that helps these businesses take off. They’ll learn how to get money from investors, use research to improve their ideas, and even get help from university students.

After they finish this program, the best businesses might get even more help. They could get a place to work and grow for nine more months at iAccelerate.

Kylie Flament, who is helping with this program, says that businesses in this program need to make money but also do good things for people and the planet. She’s excited to see the great ideas that will come from this program and how they can help the community.

There’s more to this program than just business stuff. It also teaches entrepreneurs about how their business can help the world, like being eco-friendly and working together with others.

The boss of iAccelerate, Dr. Tamantha Stutchbury, wants all kinds of businesses to join in, including social ones. She believes that having different kinds of businesses working together makes a big impact.

One person who did a similar program at iAccelerate is Jessica Clark. She started a business that sells blankets and bags that are good for the Earth. Jessica says that this program helped her learn and meet people who supported her. Now her business is doing really well.

As iAccelerate keeps growing and helping new businesses, it’s making the world a better place by bringing together smart ideas, different people, and positive changes.

To register your interest and find out more please email iaccelerate@uow.edu.au

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