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Make your mind up, Biggest Loser!

I am a big fan of reality TV and I don’t care who knows it or thinks any less of me, intellectually speaking, as a result. I am a huge fan of The Biggest Loser. I love watching those overweight people giving it their best and slowly but surely, with a lot of hard work, transforming into healthier, smaller, happier versions of themselves. Their stories, and their admirable efforts, make me laugh and cry. And any woman who agrees to wear one of those cropped tops when she hasn’t got anything nearly like a six-pack deserves a medal for that alone.

What is really starting to grate on me are the advertisements for the Biggest Loser brand of meal replacement milkshakes shown throughout the program. One of the best things about Biggest Loser is that it advocates a healthy approach to weight loss which focuses on exercise in a big way. It shows that everyone can get into exercise, even really overweight people. Just try doing some of those grueling training sessions they show participants being put through on the show if you’ve swapped two of your meals a day for a milkshake! And don’t even get me started on how swapping real meals for milkshakes won’t teach you anything, long term, about your relationship with food.

I’m not saying meal replacement diets are wrong and won’t work for anyone. I’m not a big fan (and believe me, I’ve been there, done it) but each to their own. What irritates me is the confusing mixed messages simultaneously sent out by a brand which in its TV show advocates exercise and healthy eating, and with its diet products advocates removing proper food from the equation. Go figure.

For more no nonsense diet rantings, I’d recommend you read my friend’s blog, Three Piece Suite.

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Jen Bishop

Jen Bishop

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