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Campaign urges consumers to “Hug a Business”

To boost the spirits of small businesses, WOMOW.com.au (Word Of Mouth On the Web) is encouraging consumers to “Hug a Business”.

WOMOW’s founder, Fiona Adler, says “positive reviews help small businesses stand out from the crowd and attract new customers”. Many businesses get upwards of 10 new clients a week finding and choosing them based on their WOMOW reviews.  “Consumers are looking for businesses that actually care and will go the extra mile – and more and more of them are turning to word-of-mouth for this information.”  The site gets more than 1/2 million hits each month.

To celebrate the milestone of reaching 100,000 reviews for Australian businesses, WOMOW has decided to take their good vibes off-line by encouraging it’s members to “hug a business”.  Adler says that “being in business is often a thankless job.  Day after day, trying your utmost to provide great service, often for rude or demanding customers, all in the hope that they’ll return another day.”  To boost the spirits of business owners, WOMOW wanted to show them some love by having a customer say: ‘hang on, that was great service – thanks very much’.  It’s a small gesture, but one that they hope will inspire these businesses to keep providing their great service, with a smile!

People that send in photos of themselves hugging a business owner can also get a voucher to spend at that business (provided by WOMOW) – so the campaign gives something to the customer and the business.  Adler says, “we think great businesses deserve to be recognised as the champions of our community – and a hug is a human connection that reminds that reminds us all why we’re in business”.

WOMOW is looking for 100 Hugs to celebrate their 100,000 reviews for small businesses.  More information about this campaign can be seen here:  http://www.womow.com.au/promohundredhugs/

Huge a business

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