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Aussie media sector set for shake-up

The Australian media and advertising sector is set for a shake-up with Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google all looking to launch rival trading exchanges for media advertising inventory.

The “mini stockmarkets” will include TV and radio airtime, and newspaper and magazine print space, heightening concerns of a reduction in competition as the technology giants will have control over the majority of the sector, including their smaller  rivals’ advertising inventory.

Yahoo!7 is set to launch an advertising trading system, to rival Google Australia with an eBay style auction system allowing advertisers to bid in real time for unsold advertising space in the $1.6 billion online advertising sector.

Yahoo!7 chief executive Rohan Lund said their platform will be low-cost, high-volume online “performance” advertising where advertisers pay publishers only when a user clicks on an ad.

Interactive Advertising Bureau chief executive Paul Fisher, said they were concerned the technology giants would have too much control over the market.

“The IAB is working closely with its members to come up with standards and guidelines for the ownership and usage of that data.”

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