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Mistakes to avoid when looking for the ideal share office

With their convenience and flexibility, it’s little wonder that the use of share offices is on the rise for small and large businesses alike. That said, not all shared office spaces are created equal and Tobi Skovron, Founder and CEO of Creative Cubes – an Australian co-working brand dedicated to creating amazing shared work spaces and work options –  has outlined what to look out for and what to avoid when searching out your new office.


Whether it’s an office’s proximity to your private address, prestige of the suburb, access to public transport, easy/free parking, lunch options, ease of access by bike… choosing the ideal location of your office is perhaps the most vital consideration you’ll make.

With all these considerations in play, the decision becomes even more complicated if you have staff or intend to employ someone in the future as they are likely to have their own idea(s).

While ultimately, the decision is yours and your satisfaction is paramount, compromise is key. Missing out on a terrific staff member because a location doesn’t work for them obviously isn’t a good result no matter how much you love an office space

Everybody needs good neighbours

These days, many shared office options such as Creative Cubes offer a variety of office options ranging from the extremely private to completely shared, but even with the private alternative, you are going to be sharing facilities with a range of other people and businesses.

Also, some companies are likely to be noisier than others. Any business requiring a high level of collaboration, time on the phone, regular deliveries etc. have the potential to disturb you (particularly if you’re a generally quiet workplace.)

Make sure you know who you’re moving in with before signing anything!

Everybody needs good neighbours p2

Having outlined the potential drawbacks of your neighbours, it’s time to focus on the opportunities.

Sharing a space with complementary businesses (perhaps a PR firm, a marketing firm, film production company for example) can create opportunities for collaboration and new business while sharing a similar cultural outlook.

Make sure you check out the facilities and amenities offered.

Different companies have different needs and it’s important that you consider this when choosing a space. If you’re a tech savvy company you need to make sure you check for all the Wi-Fi, plugs, cables and wiring meet your requirements.

Alternatively, some businesses will need plenty of storage space or a highly secure environment. Others might place a priority on having excellent meeting and presentation facilities. All are important considerations and this is before you even get to the less vital facilities such as the kitchen area, parking, availability of showers etc.

Only you know what will work best for your business

If you are the business owner, you have to ensure that you’re happy with the space. Compromise is important, be it with employees or when it comes to costs, but anything less than excitement at the prospect of moving into a new office is a bad sign.

And after all, employees come and go but you’re the one who’s most likely to spend the most time in the office. Compromise but don’t capitulate.

Tobi Skovron, Founder and CEO of Creative Cubes.

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