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How entrepreneurs can get ahead in 2018

Entrepreneurship can be exciting, exhilarating, and if done right, extremely liberating. However, there are so many representations of entrepreneurship in the world that many aspiring business owners get confused about how to succeed when they start out. 

Here are five ways to set yourself up for success in 2018 that go beyond conventional wisdom:

  1. Get intentional and be real about it

It’s time to start planning for success in 2018. Detail some specific goals and milestones you’re looking to achieve in the new year—goals give you a framework to work productively. Goals tend to focus your efforts by helping you rule out actions that won’t contribute to achieving the goals you’ve set.

  1. Position yourself

People like to buy from experts, which is why successful entrepreneurs invest substantial time and energy in positioning themselves as experts in their field—think everything from your marketing communications to how you conduct yourself with strangers on the street. These people don’t come across as know-it-alls, but they convey knowledge and expertise in a confident manner— enhancing trust and rapport. Position yourself as what you want to be known for and work to that.

  1. Find your tribe

Being an entrepreneur has many benefits, but feeling connected and “plugged-in” isn’t usually one of them. Working alone can easily lead to feelings of isolation; and this can seriously impact both your productivity and personal health. Make a point to actively connect with like-minded individuals—networking with other entrepreneurs can benefit you in several ways, from new perspectives that spark business growth to new contacts and mentors to bounce ideas off. Finding your tribe and people who can support you can make a significant difference to your business and overall success.

  1. Put a price tag on your time

Every second of your time is valuable—and if you find that people are constantly asking to “pick your brain,” it may be time to start charging a consulting fee. In a perfect world, there would be enough time in the day to do all your own work plus be a resource to others. But the reality is that you need to take care of your business first.

  1. Invest in your growth

There will never come a point when learning and growing personally won’t be beneficial to your business. Invest in regularly attending conferences and workshops, reading books and industry publications and regularly visit insightful blogs. Equally as important as staying on top of industry knowledge and news, make a conscious effort to foster your personal growth. It’s never too late to learn a new hobby or develop a new interest, both of which can contribute to a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

About the author

Jemimah Ashleigh is an entrepreneur, business mentor, social media expert and the Creative Director of Tangs Design. She is passionate about breaking through myths and misconceptions about being an entrepreneur and thrives on helping other businesses and entrepreneurs succeed. 

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