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Be a business athlete: Jim Brandon’s top 11 tips

Former NBA star Jim Brandon has transferred his considerable motivation skills to the business arena, pushing execs to be the best they can be.

Brandon’s drive to succeed came from his childhood in the Bronx, where his desire for some street credibility in a tough environment saw him develop a passion for sport.

Since retiring from basketball, the American has found a new niche – presenting his Business Athlete Program around the world. In Australia, Brandon has worked with St George Bank, teaching staff how to build a culture of teamwork in the workplace.

Here are Jim Brandon’s top 11 tips for business professionals and entrepreneurs:

1. Complete fitness – body, mind and spirit. Be a business athlete!

2. Have a game plan.

3. Be open minded, use creative thinking to obtain goals.

4. Work ethics – work hard but also work smart. This combination will give amazing results!

5. Even if you are not from The Bronx, be a thief! Observe great ideas around you and steal them. Always give appropriate acknowledgement when necessary. But remember – steal, adapt and use. Life is a library!

6. Be passionate about what you do. The best way to sell your products or services, is when people feel you! Are you feel ‘n me Dog?

7. Provide quality customer service with your quality product. A touch of class goes a long way.

8. Know your market. Always be on the ready to adapt your strategy. Be fluent, and always look for the golden egg.

9. We win = I win. Go in to every situation with the intention to facilitate as much success for everyone involved as possible. This will make you more powerful. You will receive less resistance from partners or opposition. You also make your network more stable and more willing to participate in your success.

10. Don’t be afraid of success. I always say as an athlete, to be great you have to get dirty, sweaty and keep it real. So if that is the case, let’s do it from the whistle. This will also help you appreciate your journey and help keep you humble.

11. Be a bigger person. Whenever the situation warrants it, let people know how awesome they are. In other words inspire people! It is one of the ‘it’ factors for successful leaders.

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Mike Mrkic

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