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Tech Tuesday: Top Cybersecurity tools for SMEs in 2024

Running a successful SME requires juggling many hats. But one area that can’t be overlooked is cybersecurity. Data breaches and cyberattacks are on the rise, and even small businesses are attractive targets. 

The good news is, there are practical and affordable cybersecurity solutions available for SMEs. These solutions can help protect your business from financial losses, operational disruptions, and reputational damage, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

This week on Tech Tuesday, we dive into the world of cybersecurity solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Beachhead Solutions (BeachheadSecure)

BeachheadSecure is a cloud-based data security platform providing businesses with the encryption, remote access control, and sentinel capabilities purpose-built to continually, thoroughly, and automatically protect vulnerable data across all device types—including PCs, mobile devices, and USB storage sticks.

The platform offers features like automated risk response (BeachheadSecure’s RiskResponder), regulatory compliance, and adjustable security clearance, ensuring continuous protection and control of critical business data. BeachehadSecure provides a unified, intuitive console for enforcing security policies, including data wiping and access control, enhancing overall data securityfor businesses. Beachhead Solutions is popular with SMBs as a way to ensure stringent cybersecurity compliance mandates are continuously met (and that sufficient security processes are provable). For example, BeachheadSecure meets more than 70% of all NIST requirements on its own.

The most recent significant update to BeachheadSecure was launched October 10, 2022 (and commercially available as of then)

Vectra AI

Vectra AI, a leader in hybrid attack detection, investigation, and response provides cybersecurity solutions to a wide range of businesses, helping them to safeguard their digital assets, data and IT infrastructure. As AI adoption ramps up, especially with the implementation of tools like Microsoft CoPilot, Vectra AI has expanded its platform to mitigate the risks associated with using these Gen AI tools.

Vectra AI’s mission has been and always will be to deliver the most accurate attack signal at speed and scale, enabling it to find and identify attacks that other solutions can’t. Designed to keep pace with the ever-growing speed, sophistication and scale of hybrid attacks, the Vectra AI Platform uses AI to analyse attacker behaviour while managing and prioritising security threats – reducing response time from months to minutes.

Vectra AI helps businesses navigate the balance between using AI to support security while also driving business innovation.

Tenable/Tenable One Exposure Management Platform

The Tenable One Exposure Management Platform is a next generation cybersecurity tool that gives organisations a single unified view across their entire attack surface in real time. It helps businesses prevent cyberattacks, and accurately communicate cyber risk to employees to support optimal business performance.

Tenable One integrates exposure management data with artificial intelligence so organisations can easily translate technical asset, vulnerability and threat data into clear business insights and actionable intelligence. With an intuitive interface, it enables collaboration across the IT security team and easy monitoring of the cyber exposure score across every aspect of the organisation.

JumpCloud Directory Platform

JumpCloud offers the only directory platform that unifies user identity, access, asset, and device management for workers, wherever they’re logging in. Its centralized platform includes SSO, MFA, passwordless authentication, directory services, asset management, device management, conditional access policies, password management, remote assist, MFA, zero-touch onboarding, unified endpoint management (UEM), and integration with common SaaS apps for collaboration and HR, to cover the entire employee lifecycle. JumpCloud equips customers and partners with an easy route to deploy Zero Trust security policies and integrates with virtually all resources including files, applications, networks, systems, servers and more  – whether in the cloud, on-premises, or elsewhere – with protocol-based integrations and no on-premises hardware. 

JumpCloud’s platform is updated regularly with new features and functions and is available to SMEs, MSPs, and enterprise customers today.

Mimecast/Cloud Integrated

Mimecast’s Cloud Integrated is an Integrated Cloud Email Security solution that blocks email-based threats. The AI-powered solution, which expanded into Australia last year, is ideal for IT teams that need to protect their Microsoft 365 investment without uprooting their entire email environment. Cloud Integrated provides protections right out of the box, SMEs don’t need to change their MX record to deploy, they’re up and running in minutes.

SMEs can also integrate Cloud Integrated with Protection for Microsoft Collaboration Tools. The capability to protect against collaboration tool attacks was inspired by the fact that businesses are failing to secure against collaboration tools.

Cloud Integrated empowers organisations to address this expanded hybrid attack surface alongside increasingly sophisticated attacks and growing skills gaps without adding complexity or burdening teams. Typically deployed in under five minutes it’s a boost for SMEs looking to secure their email and collaboration tools in the fastest way possible.

BeyondTrust Identity Security Insights

BeyondTrust’s Identity Security Insights solution sets a new standard in securing both human and non-human identities and privileges, providing businesses with unparalleled visibility and advanced identity-first threat detection capabilities.

Launched in August 2023, the solution provides a 360-degree view of all identities and privileges to eliminate blind spots and shut down attack pathways.  It offers a unified view of identities, accounts, cloud entitlements, and privileged access across the entire identity estate, enabling organisations to seamlessly correlate data from both BeyondTrust’s products and third-party identity providers, such as Okta, Ping Identity, and Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), and cloud providers, such as AWS and Azure. 

SentinelOne Purple AI

SentinelOne’s Purple AI is the industry’s most advanced generative AI cybersecurity analyst designed to help security teams to detect threats earlier, respond faster, and stay ahead of cyber attacks.   Purple AI helps organisations save time and money, providing security operations centre teams with the speed, scale, and sophistication of genAI tools to radically streamline and accelerate SecOps workflows. Hunt for threats in natural language, use pre-populated threat hunting quickstarts, get intelligent result summaries, conduct deeper investigations with follow-up queries and next steps, craft AI-generated emails and reports, and collaborate in shareable investigation notebooks. 

Globally available since April 2024, early adopters report that Purple AI has made threat hunting and investigations 80% faster and 128% easier. Built on SentinelOne’s unified, AI-powered Singularity Platform, Purple AI provides lightning fast queries, extraordinary data breadth, and is the only Generative AI assistant to support the OCSF framework for visibility across native EDR and third party data.


 Zscaler Zero Trust ExchangeTM platform represents a revolutionary approach to cybersecurity. By integrating advanced AI capabilities, the platform enables organisations to predict and promptly respond to emerging cyber threats, enhancing both cybersecurity defenses and operational efficiency. 

However, despite substantial global investments in firewalls, cybersecurity breaches continue to escalate. The fundamental issue lies in the inadequacy of traditional firewall-centric architectures against modern cyber threats. The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange addresses these challenges by securing applications behind its infrastructure, ensuring they remain hidden from the internet. It inspects all traffic, including encrypted data, for potential threats, connects authorised users directly to applications instead of the entire network, and autonomously identifies and protects sensitive data. Zscaler’s zero trust approach leverages AI to deliver unmatched protection and operational resilience in today’s dynamic cybersecurity landscape. 

 Cohesity & Cohesity DataHawk

Cohesity’s data security, data management, and data recovery solutions are vital components within an organisation’s overall overall security posture because they support existing traditional cybersecurity solutions with insights at the data level, and operate as fail-safes when, not if, attacks occur. 

As part of the Cohesity Cloud Services portfolio of as a service solutions, Cohesity DataHawk helps organisations protect and recover against ransomware with intelligent threat protection, cloud-based cyber vaulting for clean data recovery, and machine learning-powered data classification. These capabilities help organisations to identify threats, determine the impact of attacksthrough classification of data, and recover data to restore processes; and maintain business continuity.


Tanium is the first and only vendor to provide a truly converged endpoint management (XEM) platform, unifying IT operations and security in one place.The Tanium XEM platform enables organisations to break down silos and reduce complexity, cost, and risk, through real-time, seamless, and autonomous technology.  IT environments continue to grow in complexity and organisations have been left to grapple with countless disparate tools and manual processes to manage their environments whilst still keeping pace with the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats. 

Tanium’s Autonomous Endpoint Management (AEM) solution is built on XEM. Our AEM provides a platform that makes it possible to analyse data on every endpoint in real-time and apply updates and changes at speed and scale, a foundational differentiator. When you combine real-time data with our ability to act with AI, it represents a quantum leap forward for organisations looking to mitigate risks, manage their environments, and remediate incidents before damage occurs.


BlueKee is a digital identity platform that provides a straightforward and secure method of verifying identity. It allows both businesses and customers to know and trust that the person – at the end of the phone call, email, link or face to face – is genuine. 

The BlueKee app creates a digital ID without the need for any personal documents (e.g. drivers licence, passport) to be shared. The current identity verification system is plagued by identity theft, fraud, and a lack of control over personal data – which has been highlighted by the high-profile data breaches we’ve seen recently. 

BlueKee eliminates the outdated and unsafe process of businesses collecting and storing vast amounts of personal information within centralised data storage systems, which are the target for data hacks. It offers customers the ability to authenticate their own identity while allowing businesses to seamlessly verify this information without storing sensitive data making them vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Ping Identity PingOne Protect

Ping Identity’s PingOne Protect is a fraud detection and risk management service designed to prevent account takeover and fake accounts while solving multi-factor authentication (MFA) fatigue for end users.

The solution takes a unique approach to threat protection, combining Identity and Access Management (IAM) with holistic, intelligence-based fraud detection across the entire user journey. It dynamically evaluates risk signals to calculate an overall risk score for the user, including behaviour analytics, behavioural biometrics, IP and networkreputation telemetry, device telemetry, and many more. Businesses across industries benefit from PingOne Protect by reducing user frustration and session abandonment, minimising risk, while preventing account takeover, new account fraud and MFA fatigue. By evaluating multiple attack vectors, assigning risk scores, and providing insights, PingOne Protect triggers mitigation tools to block attacks and allow legitimate users to authenticate easily. 

Secure Code Warrior SCW Trust Score

Huge demand for rapid digital innovation, feature delivery, and software-powered solutions – not to mention an onslaught of AI coding assistants – has created a continuous deluge of code that poses a significant risk to the enterprise if not properly secured. Now, more than ever, developers must be brought on the journey to secure code from the very beginning of the SDLC, utilising precision secure coding skills and awareness to keep security best practices front of mind in every process. 

Secure Code Warrior’s latest offering, SCW Trust Score, provides organisations with an industry-first, data-driven benchmark and measurement of the effectiveness of their security program. Designed to revolutionise how organisations approach secure coding and application security, it provides a comprehensive assessment of your development team’s secure coding skills, enabling AppSec teams and CISOs to gain a holistic understanding of their team’s competencies and pinpoint areas for optimisation.

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