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2cloudnine finds the tools for business growth

The need for scalable technology to drive collaboration and communication has become a key factor in business growth, allowing SMEs to compete on a scale that was previously unreachable without the equivalent recourses.

Melbourne recruitment management software company, 2cloudnine, faced issues that many Aussie businesses can relate with. After enjoying a successful period of growth, the challenges that came with expanding their services were soon apparent.

Primarily delivering a recruitment application on leading CRM system Salesforce.com, 2cloudnine’s development house could see the dilemmas with collaboration and communication on the horizon. The bigger they got, the more that horizon drew closer. It was time to adopt the necessary tools.

“Sales are the fundamental focus for growth in our business – on any given day we are speaking to prospective clients all over the globe,” 2cloudnine Director Adam Edmondson says.

“We needed a tool that we could use for all our communications, management, meetings, support and training – all exclusively online. The tools we were using before we chose join.me were simply not up to scratch.”

Based in Melbourne, 2cloudnine has expanded to an in-house staff number of 21 and a significant offshore presence in Vietnam and India. Working entirely on cloud-based platforms and collaborating with workers and clients in areas across the globe, the move to join.me was as necessary as it was logical.

join.me by LogMeIn was deployed within 2cloudnine’s Australian office, along with the locations of its development teams stationed in India and Vietnam.

“All team members have their own personalised join.me URL,” Edmondson says.

“It has become an intrinsic part of how we work – we’ve gone from tools that were cumbersome and hard to use and manage to a single tool that’s simple to use and easy to deploy.”

As with any relationship, a business relationship – relating to both internal employees and side-by-side partnerships – is driven by communication. 2cloudnine needed a simple solution, one that could be accessible cross platform and from multiple mobile devices.

join.me offered 2cloudnine simpler systems of communicating with large groups, ensuring online training was no arduous task. Recording of both voice and screen capture (simultaneously) gave 2cloudnine the ability to store every bit communication for further use; the benefit of having training material stored away for future use was soon obvious.

Businesses swimming against the tide are inevitably going to struggle. As the world moves further into the digital age and mobile technology becomes more prevalent, 2cloudnine has the peace of mind it has the tools to evolve with their ever-changing sector.

“It doesn’t matter whether our consultants are sitting onsite with customers, in the head office in Melbourne, or working from home – they’re able to collaborate completely and seamlessly with all of our customers and stakeholders,” Edmondson says.

Communication and collaboration are the keys to business growth, so why not get the right tools?



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