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Zavvy: The ultimate people development tool for HR teams

Zavvy is a revolutionary business tool that transforms the way HR teams manage people development, performance, and training programs. With Zavvy, busy HR professionals can streamline their processes and access all necessary tools from one convenient platform with just the click of a button.

One of the standout features of Zavvy is its in-depth consultation services, which ensure that the platform is effectively implemented within your organization. Zavvy is also AI-enhanced, incorporating automations that not only save time but also make the entire process more efficient.

Additionally, Zavvy is designed with recession-friendly pricing, making it accessible to mid-sized companies looking to invest in their people development strategies. Companies that use Zavvy can create a positive work environment that empowers their employees and drives productivity, ultimately leading to a more engaged workforce.

Zavvy eliminates the need for multiple scattered HR talent management tools by consolidating everything into one user-friendly platform. This approach prevents overwhelming employees with multiple tools and allows for seamless integration of various processes.

With Zavvy, companies can conduct fair, unbiased performance and growth reviews, enable 360° feedback processes, and set and track concrete goals and key results. The platform also features AI technology that not only saves time but also helps individuals focus on personal development rather than administrative tasks.

Gone are the days of struggling with blank pages or getting managers to contribute to the performance review process. Zavvy provides detailed career paths, engaging training courses, and smart growth plans to support employees in their development journey.

Zavvy – Features

  • Onboarding & Preboarding
  • Event Scheduling
  • Development & Skills
  • Career Frameworks
  • Skills Matrix
  • Training & Knowledge
  • Learning Management
  • Performance & Feedback
  • Engagement & Insights
  • Engagement Surveys

Zavvy – Pricing

Zavvy offers pricing plans starting at $4 / 4€ / £4 per employee per month, with a minimum package of $300 / 300€ / £300 per month.

Visit zavvy.io for more.

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