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Semantic Scholar: Revolutionizing research discovery and management

Semantic Scholar is a powerful tool designed to help scholars and researchers search and discover scientific knowledge in a more efficient and effective way. With over 214 million papers from various fields of science available for search, users can easily find relevant research using filters such as journals and conferences, authors, publication types, and date range.

One unique feature of Semantic Scholar is the inclusion of TLDRs (Too Long; Didn’t Read) for nearly 60 million papers in computer science, biology, and medicine. These TLDRs provide brief summaries of the main objectives and results of a paper, helping users scan through papers faster and make informed decisions on which ones to delve deeper into.

Another valuable aspect of Semantic Scholar is the Highly Influential Citations feature, which highlights citations that have a significant impact on the citing publication. By analyzing factors such as the number of citations and surrounding context, a machine-learning model determines which citations are highly influential, helping users prioritize their reading.

In addition to searching for papers, users can also cite any paper they find relevant in various formats such as BibTex, MLA, APA, or Chicago. Papers of interest can also be stored and organized in a personal online library, where users can create customized folders, export citations, and easily share folders with collaborators.

Semantic Scholar’s personalized AI-powered paper recommendations, Research Feeds, allow users to stay up-to-date with the latest research in their field of interest. Automated email alerts can also be set up to notify users of new citations and papers, making it easy to stay informed without constantly checking the website.

Furthermore, users can explore topics of interest through AI-generated definitions, frequently cited papers, recent papers, and related topics on the platform’s topic pages. AI-generated answers and supporting statements from papers help users better understand the content and significance of research papers.

Overall, Semantic Scholar provides a comprehensive range of tools and features to help scholars and researchers find, organize, and stay informed about the latest scientific research in their field, ultimately supporting impactful and groundbreaking work around the world.

Semantic Scholar – Features

  • Search over 214 million papers from all fields of science
  • TLDRs provide super-short summaries of the main objectives and results of a paper
  • Highly Influential Citations show publications with significant impact
  • Easily cite any paper found
  • Store and organize papers in an online library
  • Receive personalized AI-powered paper recommendations
  • Set up email alerts for new papers or citations
  • Explore topics and understand papers with AI-generated answers

Semantic Scholar – Pricing

Available upon request, free trial.

Visit semanticscholar.org for more.

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