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Anima: Design to development, faster and easier

Anima is a powerful business tool that aims to streamline the design to development workflow by automating the process of transforming design prototypes into developer-friendly code. With Anima, designers can create interactive and responsive prototypes using their existing design tools like Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch. These high-fidelity prototypes behave like the final product, making it easier for developers to work with.

Anima generates automated front-end code that is reusable and developer-friendly, saving valuable time and effort. By skipping the grunt work, production is sped up significantly, allowing teams to focus on more important tasks. The tool also offers design system automation, ensuring a single source of truth by syncing code updates to design tools like Figma in real time.

For designers, Anima enables the creation of interactive and responsive prototypes without the need to learn new tools or conventions. For developers, the tool provides developer-friendly code that can be easily implemented, eliminating the need to code UI from scratch. This seamless integration between design and development tools allows for a smoother collaboration between teams.

Anima is designed to help businesses do more and go faster by shifting product development into high gear. By using the tools they love and eliminating manual maintenance tasks, teams can focus on innovation and creativity rather than repetitive tasks. With Anima, businesses can accelerate their product development process and bring their ideas to life more efficiently.

Anima – Features

  • Design interactive & responsive prototypes
  • Automated design to code conversion
  • Developer-friendly code generation
  • Reusable code components
  • Design system automation for a single source of truth
  • Real-time sync with Figma
  • Compatible with Adobe XD, Figma, & Sketch
  • Speeds up product development by automating design ops

Anima – Pricing

Anima offers three pricing plans: Free, Pro ($39 per seat/month), and Business (starting at $150/month). Free plan includes 5 Figma exports/month, Pro includes 200 exports/month, and Business includes 1000 exports/month. Each plan offers different features and benefits for users.

Visit animaapp.com for more.

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