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How to use Facebook Ads to get a competitive edge

In part two, I discussed the available options for advertising on Facebook. Now we’ve covered the meat and potatoes of Facebook advertising, I’ll discuss some often overlooked factors to consider when running Facebook Ads that will give you the edge over your competition.

Here are some effective tips you can use to make your Facebook ads stand out from the crowd and reach out to both prospective customers and existing loyal customers.

Be continually creative

Facebook makes their money via their ads, so it follows that the ads that get the highest click-through rates are rewarded the best placement. If you are targeting the same audience demographic every day, it’s important to change your content often – at least once a week – to keep Facebook visitors from ignoring them. Think of this like a billboard along the highway. If it never gets changed, people tend to not notice it any longer. Once a new image is added to the billboard, it pops out at them and gets their attention.

On a related note, it’s important to run a number of ads at the same time in order to keep your ads fresh in the mind of the consumer, as well as to: test different product or service benefits, and test different Ad attributes such as the headline, the image, and the copy.

Use a tantalising thumbnail image

You may not think that tiny little image carries much clout; however, your thumbnail image can make or break your Facebook ad campaign. This is because Facebook is all about images. Try scrolling through your newsfeed and you’ll understand the power of photographs and illustrations on Facebook. Make your ad fit in with Facebook content to draw people to it. If they take the time to stop what they’re doing to view your ad, the chances of them clicking on it go up exponentially. You can test various images to see how effective they are before you choose one in Ads Manager.

Keep it short and powerful

Since Facebook users are visually-inclined, too much text is going to repel their attention, so keep your message short but powerful. A maximum of three or four words is all you need to get your ad noticed. And although your Facebook ad copy is second to your thumbnail image, it’s the image that gets it noticed, but it’s the copy that seals the deal.

Ask a compelling question

Asking a question is your call to action (CTA), and the CTA is your most effective Facebook advertising tool. This is because it is human nature to feel compelled to answer. A question often stops people in their tracks and gets their attention. Once you have their attention, you’ve won half the battle.

Hopefully this 3-part series will help you get the most out of your Facebook advertising campaign. Although you may be eager to get started, be methodical and mindful of how Facebook works and what your Facebook visitors really want. Focus on results, and take advantage of all the advertising and analytical tools Facebook offers their advertisers.

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David Klein

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