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Cloud smashing geographic barriers – 13 reasons to consider it

Australia’s a big place to do business, but cloud software is breaking down geographical barriers and saving many SMBs a fortune in travel costs and staff time. Here’s 13 good reasons your business should look at using the cloud.

In the past, geography has been a costly barrier to expansion for many businesses, but meetings via the internet have been around for a while now and saved businesses from the costs of travel. What we’re seeing now is the emergence of some very well constructed and affordable software, that’s changing the landscape of business management – cloud software.

You can manage projects over a wide geographical area for a fraction of what it used to cost. You can run inventory, jobs, accounts, management reporting and much more super efficiently and cost effectively nowadays thanks to cloud based systems.

Here are 13 reasons to consider cloud software as a business efficiency booster:

  1. No server needed – reduced hardware and maintenance costs.
  2. Anywhere/anytime access – even when you’re away on business or holiday – speeds things up.
  3. Automatic updates and upgrades – no business interruption.
  4. All on same version of information – less confusion for you and your accountant/advisor.
  5. Connectivity of systems – ‘best of breed’ rather than ‘one size fits all’.
  6. Access – for advisors who’ve been given login.
  7. Security – auto back-up – off-site – improved disaster recovery plan.
  8. No software/large upfront software costs – reduced installation costs and less strain on cash flow.
  9. No minimum hardware requirements to run software with additional updates/upgrades – reduced costs.
  10. Staff can work from home/anywhere – great for parents – staff satisfaction.
  11. More control for owner/manager – change hardware systems without loss of initial capital outlay as compared to traditional systems loaded onto a server.
  12. Work/life balance – can take a break from the business and remain in control and oversee what is happening in the business by logging on.
  13. Add-ons are continually being added to software that increases functionality and efficiency.

– Sue Hirst is from CAD Partners CFO On-Call, a team of financial and business advisors who work with open minded people committed to business growth and achieving success.

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