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Now that Email is the primary form of business communication, workers need to establish systems to keep their inboxes manageable.

Research by Radicati Group discovered that corporate workers receive up to 105 emails a day and about 20 percent are spam.

“I regularly meet business owners and entrepreneurs who have hundreds if not thousands of emails sitting in their inbox not actioned,” inbox Domination Creator Carl Taylor said.

Since the first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971, email communication is the preferred option worldwide. Research from the Buckinghamshire New University found that 98 percent of business communication is now conducted via Email.

According to Taylor, business owners need to fight this war against their inbox.

“The problem isn’t in the concept of Email itself, it’s in how we manage and use it,” he said.

Anyone can follow these three simple steps to win the Email inbox war:

1. Minimise. The inbox count should be zero and remain that way. Business owners need to minimise the distractions Email can cause by unsubscribing from mailing lists and allotting a specific time to check and reply to emails.

2. Systemise. An easy-to-follow system for managing emails will help save time and maintain consistency. Find a way to file important emails, create a system that determines the emails filed or deleted, and organize folders and labels for archiving.

3. Realise. Email is not the business. Minimising and systemising will save time and create more time for the more important tasks, such as making more money.

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Melissa Perreault

Melissa Perreault

Melissa is Loyalty Media's Production Co-ordinator, who also has a degree in Journalism and moonlights as an occasional writer for Dynamic Business. She hails from Canada, but now calls Sydney home.

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